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how long would it take me to get pregant if i took the birth control pill for a week? Im kind of getting tired of being let down everytime i take a test.


Af is due Sunday I haven't had any symptoms or anything. I guess when I stop thinking and trying it will happen. I have faith! Ready to start my Clomid again 😐


Has anyone had a misscarriage at 1 week and if so was an ultrasound needed? Or just blood test to make sure all of it was out


Am trying to conceive it's the first using the app what should I do please help


So sad!! It's been a year and still no baby 😭😭


how can I know my ovulation day if I have irregular periods?


Am feeling nauseous nd kind of throughing up after 3 days of unprotected sex any help

Mamiki MsDiva

Hey guys: Has anyone gotten pregnant using Clomid (5days) ?


Hi guys please help. Does anyone’s wee smell like medication? While pregnant ? While ur not under any medication????


I am just so depressed because I can't get pregnant or be a mom my body plays cruel tricks on me.