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I return all glory to God who is the giver of life. 😍😘😍😘 To all of you on this platform, thank you for being part of my gone days. I am pregnant. Baby dust to you guys ttc.


Today I'm 2 days late checked cervix had stretchy cm and light blood in it. Mild cramping last night had mild cramping on left side occasional pains on right side. I have back pain sharp pains in breast and mild cramping today. I ovulated on the 9th 10th. Does anyone experience same symptoms or what symptom are you experiencing

Tee Jay

I need a pal!! :) anyone here on clomid and now on the TWW?


19 week scan and we found out we are having a BOY!


Hi I have Pcos was scared at first .I start drinking plenty water ,I gained weight not much tho ,my period comes normal never missed a period .I am thankful .My aim is to lose 10 pounds n boost up my vegetable intake .Taking it one step at a time

Manasa manu

All ladies who got positive pls tell me this! Anyone normally who gets brown discharge before starting their period,, after getting brown discharge also any one missed their period and got positive result??????


Hello ladies..anyone with irregular period and got pregnant using this app?


Hi. I'm new to this site. I have one child who is now 3 1/2. I fell with her no problems. I am now nearly 31 years old and have been trying for nearly 6 months. My periods are a lot lighter and shorter than they used to be. The doctor said this was fine. I have noticed since trying for my 2nd that my cycles are now an average of 38 days. I tried ovulation tests once but said I wasn't ovulating when an app said I should be. Iv just bought lots more so I can check every day of the month. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced longer and lighter cycles. Had a scan which showed cysts on my ovaries but the doctor wasn't concerned. Thank you.


Are there any women here with both pcos AND endometriosis and have successfully gotten pregnant...?