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Knock Me Up

Any success stories on getting pregnant after taking Clomid?


Hey wondering has any of you suffered from irregular periods? Gyn put me pirmoult to bring on my af just got it on Sunday so hoping to test for ovulation soon. Anyone any experience with this?

Adrianna Cornelio

What is/was your favorite app to use when you found out you were pregnant? I’ve downloaded a few just trying some more out!


So after 2 false positives and a ultrasound I am not pregnant took me a couple of days but I am ok started my AF. And now I am just waiting to baby dance with hubby to make sure we get this baby this go around. Congrats to all the soon to be mommy's and baby dust to the up and coming mommy's.


When you ladies do find out you are pregnant, keep up with exercise or start exercising. Labor will be easier to bare and more than likely go into labor on time and you wnt be In the hospital for forever. Pushing will be quicker too.


It's really nice to see all the positive post and all the soon to be mommies trying to have a baby... Very uplifting!!!!!!!

Robin Poole

My period was supposed to come on two weeks ago took a test negative and now my breast are tender I can't even touch them anybody went through this how can i make the tenderness go away


So I just took a test and I'm almost positive I see a very faint line!!!!! I'll retest in a few days... I'll try to get a picture of it


Hi Ladies how to get pregnant with PCOS..