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Martina Jones

Well if you're a ditz like me then half the time you have no idea what people are talking about when it comes to acronyms😂 so here's some that a lot of people use when it comes to fertility and pregnancy DPO One abbreviation that you will see quite often is DPO. DPO simply stands for “days past ovulation”. You will see it a lot when you visit message boards and web sites dedicated to fertility when other women are talking about their cycles. Many women talk about how many ‘DPO’ they can take a pregnancy test. This just means how many days past ovulation can you safely take an at home pregnancy test and expect to have enough hCG hormone to test. DB/DH/DF Here’s another one that you will see quite often. It doesn’t really make sense to us, and we don’t know how it got started, but on these message boards and websites, most women refer to their significant others as “dear boyfriend, dear husband, or dear fianc?”. You might also see this one as DS or DD for dear son or dear daughter as well. Perhaps this in keeping with privacy, in lieu of using first names. TTC Probably the most common one that you will see on fertility message boards and websites is TTC. Can you guess what this one stands for? If you guessed Trying To Conceive, you’re right! PG This is a good one when you are on a fertility message board! It stands for PREGNANT! If you see this, congratulations are in order for someone! BD This one stands for “baby dance”. Ladies on forums and message boards often use this abbreviation to refer to intercourse or sex where they are trying to get pregnant. A nice little euphemism for getting down and dirty! CM Another very common abbreviation is CM, which refers to cervical mucus. You might also see HCM for hostile cervical mucus or EWCM for egg white cervical mucus. As you an see, talk about cervical mucus is all the rage! LMP One of the most common abbreviations in the digital world of baby making is LMP, which stands for last menstrual period. If someone asks you for this information, they are referring to your first day of red flow on your last period. This is the common method for doctors to determine your estimated due date, once you are pregnant. MC or m/c No one wants to see this one on a fertility message board. This abbreviation means miscarriage, and it might be shown as MC or also as m/c. 2WW 2WW: This abbreviation refers to the “Two Week Wait“, which is the time after intercourse before you can take a pregnancy test. Two weeks is usually the time span from ovulation to your next menstrual cycle, or hopefully your next missed period. OPK or OPT This is another very common one. OPK stands for Ovulation Predictor Kit, and OPT refers to Ovulation Predictor Test. These are often used interchangeably. PI or SI These two abbreviations are used to describe either Primary Infertility (the inability to get pregnant once) and secondary infertility (problems getting pregnant after already having one successful pregnancy).