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I am starting to get depressed. Been ttc for about 4 months now but everytime it is my ovulation period something happens. 2 of the months when it was the time my hubby has been away at work. 1 time i had to work over nights and we didnt get the timeing right. And this last we both had the flu. I dont know if I will ever get pregnant.

EShal fatma

Af one day late feel very dizzy and vomit and very low can I do test tomorrow?

CeCe Jackson

My fiance and I have been ttc for months now and still no positive. I am currently feeling naesous from smelling some things and my nipples are sore my sex drive is through the roof and I'm tired too. 🤔. My last depo shot was in September 2017.

Betsy Vidal

Sweet ladies💕 I was having period like cramps and decided to test. I am a week late I am 21 DPO and it's negative. I am sad but I will not loose faith. I know God has a plan for me and I will receive my baby soon. Baby dust to you sweet ladies. Now to wait for my period and have a new cycle to try again. Praying for you ladies 💗

Breana Gwyn

Hi ladies so I came off BC in January. Last month AF came 3 days early and I had major cramping and backach. This month AF came 5 days early but the only symptom I have really had was sore breast and very mild cramps. I had heavy to medium bleeding for 4 days. I did not have any bleeding yesterday at all or any discharge. This morning however I went to the BR and when I wiped there was light bleeding again but it looks more like the old dark red/brown blood. Any ideas to why I stopped bleeding yesterday and then started having a little more this morning?

Ashlee Hicks

For the past 3 days i just can't keep anything down at all and going on day 4 now. I have nothing in my stomach and my body still wants to throw up. Going to the ER to make sure everything is okay. 😔 2 days late on my period also.


So last night I had a high fever still kind of do and went to the clinic they told me I have the flu that is going around and I have infection in my throat tested positive for them test and my pregnancy was confirmed 😷🤕🤧👣 Going to make a appointment for baby


Hey girls..so I'm starting to think I may be pregnant...my nipples are so sore I can't even touch them, my lower back has been hurting me. I'm going to my gp today as I thought I had a bowel problem...now I'm thinking maybe it's just I'm pregnant...I'd be 2 months pregnant if I am. I had a break through bleed on my pill so I presumed I wasn't...but I heard that can happen.


Has anyone tested 11dpo in the morning and then at night what were your results