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I've been ttc for a year of my marriage and on February this year God saw my tears and my period didn't show for 3weeks but then on 1st March it started as brownish then pinkish and then it got dark with some tissues for 10 days. But I prayed and believed that the God who did me the miracle after trying hard wth some ovarian cyst, hormonal imbalance, all my tubes blocked would never let me cry again and now am having back all the signs of pregnancy(I also had sex on my 16th day where I saw egg white/my ovulation discharge) I believe am pregnant all over again. Did the tests but they negative and again they not destroying my hope because I believe in God of miracles.Comment if you have been through the same thing and believe in this💪.. God is there and he always listens to us.

Tatiana McKinney

Am I ovulating yet and how long do I got ?


Ovulation test day 20:) so ovulating late again as I had no second line on thu,fri or sat which supposed to be the it days! Hope it will work this time better then last:)


am two days late period!!it's gud sign or thy are just late so scared to test;hve been trying for 1year n months no now


Thank u Elaaaaa... This is only my second month using Ela and I got 2positive home preg test and confirmed by ER...Im super excited 😊😊😊 ...👶dust to u guys

Celsa Ramos De Castro

Anybody here have a UTERINE DIDELPHYS?and retroverted uterus?


CD 67...no period. No sign of period. All hpt and blood test... Neg. One more week and I'll go back to the doctor. Last period 12/6/2017.

Kavya G

Hi ,ttc from 6months and now iam 4 dpo, result came -ve but period not start yet. Is there chance of being pregnant. When can test again. Help me pls gals


Me and my boyfriend trying to get pregnant but I just stop taking my birth control pills like 3 or 4 days ago am I going to wait a long time to get pregnant