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What is pregnancy delivery?

Pregnancy delivery is basically the birth of the baby who was growing in the womb of the mother for the last 9 months.

What are the different techniques of delivery?

The techniques of delivery include vaginal delivery, cesarean section delivery, and vaginal birth after caesarean section, vacuum extraction and forceps delivery. A respective delivery technique is utilized successfully depending on the status of pregnancy as well as the health of mother and baby.

In what instances Natural birth is preferred?

Natural birth is preferred in the following cases:

What are the instances when c-section is more suitable for to be mother?

C-section is recommended for the pregnant lady to be a mother in the following cases:

Is C-section the only option after IVF treatment?

No. You can opt for natural delivery option too. But the delivery method in case of IVF pregnancy will be decided only after your gynaecologist or infertility specialist has studied the case after the 8th month of the pregnancy.

Is C-section painful?

Nowadays, C-section is not painful due to the utilization of top-quality medications. In fact, the recovery rate of the health of mother has also improved to an appreciable extent. So, you need not worry about the pain of C-section.

Can I also avail antenatal care with Ela?

Absolutely! This is one of the unique features of Ela’s pregnancy package. Pregnant women are given antenatal care sessions to prepare them for labour period as well as newborn care. So, it’s a win-win situation for pregnant women.

Is this delivery package or complete package including antenatal consultation?

Yes. The delivery package or complete package also involves antenatal consultation, which proves to be very useful for pregnant women. We have included this feature keeping overall welfare of pregnant women in mind.


For how many days do I need to stay in the hospital?

After delivering your baby, you need to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days before leaving for home. Your doctor will ensure that you are able to do certain activities yourself like eat and drink without any discomfort, walking to bathroom on your own and urinating naturally without any catheter assistance.

When do I get the birth certificate of my baby?

You will receive the birth certificate for your baby after 3 weeks of the baby’s birth. Just make sure that you apply for the procedure of issuing the birth certificate within 3 weeks of your baby’s birth else you have to opt for police verification after that.

Is pregnancy delivery covered under insurance?

Yes. Pregnancy delivery is included under maternity insurance. The amount of insurance received at the time of delivery procedure depends on the type of pregnancy delivery. The amount of C-section delivery is slightly more than that of normal delivery.

Does your partnered clinic also provide neonatal care?

Yes. You will find quality neonatal care at our partnered clinics in different cities across India.

Does your centre provide normal painless delivery?

Yes. Our partnered clinics provide normal painless delivery performed by highly experienced gynaecologists and infertility specialists across the country.

Does Ela provide both types of delivery?

Yes, our partnered clinics provide both natural delivery as well as C-section delivery based on the requirements of pregnant women as well as the advice of the concerned gynaecologist.

Pregnancy and Baby Delivery:

Pregnancy is an important phase of a woman's life. This importance grows to a great extent when the woman has conceived and achieved pregnancy with a lot of efforts like that of undergoing infertility treatments. Right from the start of the pregnancy until the delivery of the baby at the end of the pregnancy, a woman needs to take proper care of herself and her baby. This will ensure that the health of the baby is up to the mark which results in a healthy delivery.

Symptoms of Pregnancy:

When a pregnancy occurs, the respective woman shows certain symptoms which need to be understood in confirming presence of pregnancy. These symptoms must be noted by the woman herself so that she can take care of herself and her pregnancy right from the start from the first week. Some of the common symptoms which can be seen in the women who are pregnant. These symptoms include spotting and cramping, missed periods during the early phases of pregnancy, changes in the breast size, increased nausea and morning sickness, increased fatigue, and at times there is also change in the sleep routine of the concerned woman.

Prenatal care:

Prenatal care is one of the essential aspects of pregnancy. Pregnant women need to understand that prenatal care must be included during their pregnancy tenure. The appointments and consultations which are held during pregnancy for the purpose of prenatal care need to be prioritized to ensure that the pregnancy completes at a good note without facing any type of complications. (Source:OWH) It is always recommended that women who are presently pregnant need to talk to their concerned doctor to make sure that they choose the right plan with respect to their prenatal appointments. Most of the prenatal tests mainly involve certain pre-decided medical tests such as physical examination, checking with the current weight, along with analysis of the urine sample. Some of the medical specialists may also go for certain detailed medical tests such as blood tests and ultrasound examinations as per the requirements of the case of a patient.

Women can receive the following benefits after undergoing the prenatal sessions under the expertise of an obstetrician or medical specialist:

Pregnant women who are opting for prenatal sessions need to understand that such sessions help in reducing the possible complications which can occur in women during their pregnancy period. With the help of prenatal care sessions, certain conditions such as Diabetes and High Blood Pressure can be monitored during the entire pregnancy in the right manner. This plays a crucial role in preventing the occurrence of possible effects of such complications in concerned pregnant women. Even medications consumed by pregnant women must be monitored successfully with best obstetrician guided prenatal sessions. This keeps the pregnant woman on the right track and prevents her from consuming medications like acne supplements, dietary and herbal medicines which can also impact the health of the growing baby in the womb of the woman.

Pregnant women can benefit from prenatal care sessions conducted on a regular basis during pregnancy. This includes proper monitoring of baby in the womb of the pregnant woman. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome occurs with respect to the babies where pregnant women have a history of alcohol and tobacco smoking in their recent history. In such cases, obstetricians can guide women with the right routine to follow during the pregnancy time period. Also, they need to avoid each of the harmful habits to prevent any harmful effects on the baby as well. (Source:NIH)

Postnatal care:

Postnatal care has turned to be one of the crucial aspects of a new mother and newborn baby. As per the statistics of World Health Organization (WHO), in the year 2012 around 2.9 million deaths occurred just within 24 hours of the birth of the babies. Nearly half of these babies lost their lives due to lack of proper care right after their birth. Postnatal care is directly linked to infant mortality. Post-natal care mainly comprises of supporting and motivating early breastfeeding soon after the birth of the baby. This also indicates that proper care is taken with respect to the maintenance of hygiene for the baby skin care along with the new mother's health. Babies who are born to mothers who are already diagnosed with HIV like conditions need to be dealt with in the best possible manner. Such babies are usually found to have low weight when compared to other babies born from women who do not have any such medical conditions. Medical specialists take special care and monitoring of the baby after the birth of the baby. Top healthcare organizations such as WHO and UNICEF have laid down rules concerning the number of visits required for the post-natal care after the birth of the baby. It is highly recommended that every baby is kept under observation after his birth to make sure that their overall health is up to mark and all organs are functioning at a right pace. In the case of the babies born with the delivery procedure performed at home, it is important to understand that prenatal sessions need to be planned properly for such pregnancy deliveries. New mothers need to plan properly for each of their prenatal visits. The first consultation cum check-up appointment needs to be conducted within 24 hours of the birth of the baby. The second and third postnatal visits need to be planned on the third day and after a week of the birth of the baby respectively. Medical experts suggest that the third consultation will be helpful to ensure that new mothers can take timely care of their babies. (Source:WHO)

Types of Pregnancy Delivery:Pregnancy delivery procedures are performed as per the present health status of the pregnant woman and baby as well. Normal delivery and Cesarean delivery are the two types of pregnancy delivery procedures which are chosen depending on certain factors associated with the pregnancy.

Normal Delivery: Normal delivery procedures need to be performed as per the requirement of the pregnant woman's case. Normal delivery is utilized for pregnant women since decades and the utilization of this procedure varies with the case of the respective pregnant women. Normal delivery has certain benefits over cesarean delivery which has been described in detail in the following section:

Normal Delivery vs Cesarean Delivery procedure:

There are certain advantages of Normal and Cesarean Delivery which needs to be prioritized while choosing for the procedure for delivery of the baby at the end of the pregnancy. Here you will find useful information about different aspects of normal and cesarean delivery procedures.

Normal Delivery
In a normal delivery, the mother can actively take part in the delivery process.
If a mother undergoes normal delivery for the first baby that does not mean she needs to undergo cesarean delivery procedure for the next babies. She can also go for the normal or vaginal delivery method.
Most of the women who give birth with normal delivery have an opinion that they feel more connected with this natural experience.
The hospital stay time period for the new mother who gave birth with the normal delivery procedure is around 24 to 48 hours.
A new mother who has given birth to a baby with normal delivery is able to nurse her newborn at a sooner time period when compared to the woman who has undergone cesarean delivery.
During the birth of the baby with normal or vaginal delivery, the fluid of the lungs is squeezed which leads to ease in breathing activity of the baby. This happens right after the birth of the baby.
Cesarean Delivery
In a cesarean delivery, the mother is given general anesthesia because of which she is unconscious throughout the delivery of the baby.
If a mother undergoes cesarean delivery for the first baby, then most of the next babies are born with cesarean delivery procedure.
Cesarean mothers usually miss out on this amazing and natural experience during the birth of the baby.
The hospital stay time period in case of a new mother who gave birth to the baby with the cesarean delivery procedure is advised for around 4 days to a week time period.
A new mother who has given birth to a baby with cesarean delivery needs a few days to a week's time before she is able to nurse her baby independently.
During the birth of the baby with C-section delivery, the entire body of the baby is taken out in one go which does not lead to any kind of squeezing activity of the lungs.

One of the recent research shows that around 32 percent of the deliveries performed across the world comprises of cesarean delivery type procedures. The success rates of the birth of the babies vary with the present health status of the pregnant woman and associated complications in the concerned pregnancy throughout the tenure. (Source:Live Science andAHC)

Cesarean delivery: Cesarean delivery procedures are one of the advanced baby delivery procedures which are performed under the expertise of the medical specialists specializing in the procedure. As per the current reports released by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around one-third of the babies are now delivered successfully with cesarean delivery procedure alone in the United States. Cesarean delivery ensures that the baby receives the right time to grow in the mother's womb. Only in some cases, pregnant women are advised to go ahead with the delivery procedure before the completion of the 39 weeks of pregnancy. (Source:Health Line)

Pregnancy Weeks:

Pregnancy weeks are divided into several weeks which are mainly divided into 3 prime trimesters. Each of these 3 trimesters comprise of around 13 to 14 weeks depending on the pregnancy tenure of the respective pregnant woman. The care for each of the pregnancy weeks and trimesters need to be customized as well so that the growing baby receives expert care and nutrients along with vitamins for the timely development of the baby.

Diet of Pregnancy:

Diet plays an important role in the successful execution of pregnancy and birth of a healthy baby. There are certain food groups which need to be focused on while planning the pregnancy diet for a pregnant woman. This needs to be designed in the best manner from the start of the pregnancy. As per one of the experts, it is advised that pregnant women need to consume 300 calories extra when compared to their routine diet. This makes sure that the baby receives the required nutrition during the pregnancy tenure. Here are some of the important food groups which must be included in a pregnant woman's routine diet.

Here is a sample diet plan which can be referred to while creating a customized diet plan as per the food choices of the pregnant woman.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with 1 cup of toned milk or 2 slices of bread and fruit jam.

Lunch: Roti (number varies) and veggies; Rice if required.

Dinner: 1 cup of veggies with roti/rice; For non-vegetarians: 1-2 pieces of chicken can be added in the dinner.

Pregnant women need to make sure that they include healthy snacks in between their primary meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This ensures that pregnant women also consume nutrition filled snacks including fruit salad and yogurt which will aid in the proper growth of the baby during pregnancy. Pregnant women need to understand that portion control is essential to prevent unnecessary weight gain during the pregnancy tenure. (Source:American Pregnancy Association)

Cost of Normal and Cesarean Delivery:

The prices of the delivery procedure are important in finalizing the clinic or hospital for the maternity services. The cost of normal and cesarean delivery procedure packages vary from one country to another. In India, the cost of the normal delivery procedures cost from between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 75,000 depending on the chosen hospital or clinic. If the patient is recommended to undergo cesarean delivery procedure, then the cost of the complete procedure ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 2,00,000. There is a difference in the cost of the delivery procedure due to the inclusion of the surgery performed for the cesarean delivery procedure. Couples need to keep in mind that the cost of the procedure will vary depending on whether healthcare insurance is included in the respective procedure. The final cost of the delivery procedure reduces significantly if a healthcare insurance is used to pay for the delivery procedure. (Source:Transfer Wise)

Management of finances for pregnancy delivery:

Managing finances in the right way is important to make sure that parents do not face any kind of financial issues after the birth of the baby. Therefore, a nine-month plan must be created and executed to make sure that the new parents can forward their finances with respect to the new baby in a systematic manner. Here are some of the quick money management tips to deal with financial aspects in the right way.

Get rid of credit card debt: Credit cards are helpful for a large population depends on the credit cards. But most of the couples are unable to manage credit card payments in the recommended manner. This gets them land themselves in the credit card debt, thus affecting their finances in the long term. When the news of pregnancy is received, right from the first day itself proper care needs to be taken with respect to the finances.

Create a new budget: Couples needs to make sure that a new budget is essential for new parents. This will help parents to design their new budget and accordingly work on their finances. Couples can take the assistance of financial experts for suggestions on how to proceed ahead with the finances.

Get to know about maternity and paternity benefits: In recent times, both maternity and paternity benefits are available for working new parents. Therefore, it is essential to discuss with the Human Resources (HR) team about the company policies the availability of such benefits.

Buy life insurance: Term life insurances are one of the best deals for new couples to decide and plan for their future, especially after the birth of the baby. According to experts, a term life insurance of 20 years or less needs to be chosen by couples as one of the best insurance options.

Get an insurance cover for baby: In some of the healthcare insurance policies, it is possible to make sure that the newborn baby is added to the chosen healthcare policy. Some of the policies mentioned that the baby can be added in the chosen policy only till 30 days of the delivery procedure.

Think about working after baby birth: Most of the couples have a question in their minds about whether the mother of the baby will be working after the birth of the baby. In order to finalize this decision, couples need to plan smartly after weighing the pros and cons of the same. Out-of-home child care services cost needs to be considered first. This must be done before the new mother decides to progress with her present choice of career or job. Some sought of midway solution needs to be figured out before reaching a conclusion. (Source:

Ela Savings Plan (Afford Plan):

Ela Savings Plan is a unique savings plan which is created to ensure that patients can plan for the baby delivery procedures right from the time the news of pregnancy is received. Couples will receive pregnancy care in the form of discounted appointments with the chosen infertility experts and obstetricians. Also, proper money management will be executed for the pregnancy delivery in the opted maternity care clinic and hospital at no extra cost. Couples can save the total amount in the form of pre-decided installments which can be saved under the Ela Savings Plan. Thus, the total amount can be used at the time of the delivery of the baby at the decided clinic or hospital. Ela Savings Plan is a better alternative when compared to a personal loan or medical loan.

Pregnancy Package Inclusion:

Pregnancy packages prove to be beneficial for pregnant women who are planning to go ahead with a peaceful pregnancy delivery procedure. While deciding a particular package for a pregnant woman, it is important to know the medical care and facilities based priorities of the concerned individual. The team at Elawoman has come up with certain affordable pregnancy packages to make sure that each of the pregnant women can receive proper health care facilities as per their choices. This will help them to make sure that they do not have to worry about their pregnancy delivery or even about the stay in the chosen hospital or clinic. Here are some of the prominent and useful features of the Pregnancy Packages offered by Elawoman.

The pregnancy packages created and customized by the team of Elawoman help in peaceful pregnancy followed by smooth delivery of the baby. Each of the dedicated Ela specialists make sure that every pregnant woman gets the opportunity of getting consulted with some of the top obstetricians and maternity specialists in the city of choice. The team at Elawoman is always at service to make sure that each of the patients receive quality care at an affordable cost. Only the best medical specialists, clinics, and hospitals are suggested and chosen for the diagnosis and treatment of the patients. If you have any further queries and want to know more about infertility diagnosis, high success rate oriented infertility treatments and pregnancy packages.

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