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    Note: Ela doesn't charge any thing for its Services to its patients and all our services are FREE and Transparent. *T&C Apply

    Why Choose Ela for Delivering Your Joy

    Ela ensures you get the best price basis your requirements. Be it the world class deluxe stay or an economy stay, we make sure you are provided the best offers possible.

    Ela has the best qualified and most experienced Gynaecologists and Hospitals to make sure you and your baby is safe and healthy.

    Ela partner Hospitals and doctors use the latest technology to ensure safe delivery and perfect baby care.

    Ela always makes sure that Normal delivery is the first preference for our Doctors and centres, C-section is only performed when no other choice is left

    We make sure your experience and stay at the hospital is as joyous as your little one. With our complimentary services, you feel at home and make your stay colorful.

    What people are saying

    Jyotsana Bedi
    We shifted to Bangalore few months ago and I was pregnant then. Ela gave us information on antenatal packages along with various delivery options. Highly needed help. Thanks
    Ritesh Soni
    My wife's pregnancy was high risk. Our gyne suggested us to find good maternity hospital with NICU. Ela helped us in finding the best maternity hospital in our budget.
    Maheshwari Rajput
    I had labor pains in the 8th month and we have not booked any hospital for my pregnancy delivery. Ela made all the arrangements instantly and I was provided emergency care.
    Mohammad Abdul
    Ela specialists dealt our case with a lot of care. We were suggested with some of the top and finest pregnancy care specialists in Delhi.

    What is pregnancy delivery?

    Pregnancy delivery is basically the birth of the baby who was growing in the womb of the mother for the last 9 months.

    What are the different techniques of delivery?

    The techniques of delivery include vaginal delivery, cesarean section delivery, and vaginal birth after caesarean section, vacuum extraction and forceps delivery. A respective delivery technique is utilized successfully depending on the status of pregnancy as well as the health of mother and baby.

    In what instances Natural birth is preferred?

    Natural birth is preferred in the following cases:

    • The weight of the baby is below 2 kgs.
    • The mother does not suffer from any health conditions like diabetes.
    • The mother does not want any kind of medical intervention.
    • The doctor gives a positive node for natural birth of baby via natural delivery.

    What are the instances when c-section is more suitable for to be mother?

    C-section is recommended for the pregnant lady to be a mother in the following cases:

    • The pregnant mother start having labor pain along with certain health issues like placenta problems.
    • The position of the baby is different than the normal ones.
    • If the mother does not want to opt for vaginal delivery.
    • If the mother is pregnant with twins or triplets.
    • The mother is suffering from medical conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes.
    • If the amniotic fluid is very low.
    • If the mother is in labor pain for more than 12 hours and baby’s heart beat is dropping, then emergency C-section needs to be performed.

    Is C-section the only option after IVF treatment?

    No. You can opt for natural delivery option too. But the delivery method in case of IVF pregnancy will be decided only after your gynaecologist or infertility specialist has studied the case after the 8th month of the pregnancy.

    Is C-section painful?

    Nowadays, C-section is not painful due to the utilization of top-quality medications. In fact, the recovery rate of the health of mother has also improved to an appreciable extent. So, you need not worry about the pain of C-section.

    Can I also avail antenatal care with Ela?

    Absolutely! This is one of the unique features of Ela’s pregnancy package. Pregnant women are given antenatal care sessions to prepare them for labour period as well as newborn care. So, it’s a win-win situation for pregnant women.

    Is this delivery package or complete package including antenatal consultation?

    Yes. The delivery package or complete package also involves antenatal consultation, which proves to be very useful for pregnant women. We have included this feature keeping overall welfare of pregnant women in mind.


    1. For how many days do I need to stay in the hospital?

    After delivering your baby, you need to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days before leaving for home. Your doctor will ensure that you are able to do certain activities yourself like eat and drink without any discomfort, walking to bathroom on your own and urinating naturally without any catheter assistance.

    2. When do I get the birth certificate of my baby?

    You will receive the birth certificate for your baby after 3 weeks of the baby’s birth. Just make sure that you apply for the procedure of issuing the birth certificate within 3 weeks of your baby’s birth else you have to opt for police verification after that.

    3. Is pregnancy delivery covered under insurance?

    Yes. Pregnancy delivery is included under maternity insurance. The amount of insurance received at the time of delivery procedure depends on the type of pregnancy delivery. The amount of C-section delivery is slightly more than that of normal delivery.

    4. Does your partnered clinic also provide neonatal care?

    Yes. You will find quality neonatal care at our partnered clinics in different cities across India.

    5. Does your centre provide normal painless delivery?

    Yes. Our partnered clinics provide normal painless delivery performed by highly experienced gynaecologists and infertility specialists across the country.

    6. Does Ela provide both types of delivery?

    Yes, our partnered clinics provide both natural delivery as well as C-section delivery based on the requirements of pregnant women as well as the advice of the concerned gynaecologist.