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Best IUI Clinics in Navi Mumbai - Appointment, Fee, Review, Success Rate

Below are the Top IUI Clinics in Navi Mumbai with options to book your first appointment FREE. Check Reviews, IUI Cost, Success rates, Fees, Contact Number and Address for all Intrauterine insemination treatments. Also find affordable test tube baby costs.

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If you are wondering what is Test tube baby, you are in the right page. Test tube baby is a medical term for a human child who is conceived through a scientific process called IVF (In vitro fertilization) outside a woman’s body. Here the mother’s eggs from her ovaries and fertilized in a laboratory by father’s sperm. After that, the conceived embryo is attached to the mother’s uterus again for the normal development of the baby. These babies are as normal as other babies and they don’t lack any ability than other child. Today, it is a huge success over the world. However, test tube baby is suggested to people under certain medical conditions and they don’t have 100% accuracy.
IVF is the most effective for infertility. This procedure has gained momentum all over the world with its remarkable success with most helplessly damaged fallopian tubes, inexplicably sterile sperm counts and most hopeless infertility problems in human beings. The process of IVF is complicated yet successful in most of the cases. 1. The specialists first make sure if the mother’s ovaries are producing multiple follicles. If not, a drug named gonadotropin is injected for the same followed by monitored ultrasound and hormone testing. 2. Excess fluid from ovaries are wiped out to see presence of eggs. 3. Ultrasound guided needles helps in retrieving eggs 4. The fertilization process of eggs starts with the sperms from the partner/donor 5. Embryo is created, cultured and monitored for 3-5 days. 6. Transfer of embryo into the mother’s uterus happens afterwards. Sometimes more than one or two embryos are also cultured. But their survival depends upon the mother’s health. 7. Pregnancy occurs!
These are some of the conditions where Test tube baby is suggested through IVF 1) If the father faces problems regarding sperm count and speed 2) If the mother has problems in her fallopian tubes such as blockage, weak follicles, or a complicated uterus 3) Low cervix response in mother 4) If either father/mother or both have some disease and they don’t want it to travel to their baby 5) Single parent/same sex parents are seen adopting this kind of technique for their desire to become parent