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Testicular Biopsy is one of the major procedures for male infertility diagnosis with unexplained infertility and Azoospermia (zero sperm in ejaculation). Under this procedure a small sample of tissue from one or both the testicles are removed and tested in laboratory to look for possibilities of infertility in the man. A surgeon or an urologist generally performs it.

The IVF is a very sensitive procedure under Assisted Reproductive Technology. Here we bring you the step-to-step procedure of IVF for a better knowledge.

  1. Percutaneous Biopsy: in this biopsy, surgical procedure such as incision or stiches are not needed. Here, biopsy is done through inserting a needle into the scrotal skin and removing a piece of testicular tissue with a syringe attached to the needle. In some cases, a spring-loaded needle is also used to suck out a cylinder of cells from a slightly bigger testicular tissue.
  2. Open Surgical Biopsy: Open biopsy is done in extreme cases where a small cut is made in the scrotum skin and a piece of testicular tissue is removed. Closing the incision with stitches or sutures follows it.
  1. Males facing problems as per semen analysis tests or sperm culture tests to ascertain any of the below:
    1. Azoospermia- zero sperm in ejaculation.
    2. Oligospermia- low concentration of sperms.
    3. Asthenozoospermia- sperms lacking the required motility
    4. Cryptozoospermia- sperms with high casualty rate.
    5. Necrozoospermia- condition with dead and immobile sperms.
  2. Men with abnormal ejaculation disorder such as Retrograde ejaculation where the ejaculation goes backward to the urinary bladder instead of coming out of urethra.
  3. To obtain healthy sperm for In-Vitro Fertilization- IVF (assisted reproductive technique where the ovarian egg/s get fertilized with the sperm outside the body in a laboratory set up) based on certain specific criteria of the IVF specialist.
  4. To diagnose the condition of lumps or injuries in testicles such as
    1. Varicocele- causing heavy testicles
    2. Hydrocele- swelling of testicles with an abdominal pressure sensation
    3. Epididymal- one testicle much heavier than the other one
    4. Orchitis- inflammation in the testicles
    5. Testicular torsion- twisted testicles due to injury or accident
    6. Lumps with possibility of testicular cancer
  5. When the man has lower Leutenizing hormones (LH) and Follicle-stimulating hormones, which are essential for reproduction and testerone production in men.

Testicular Biopsy is a very quick and simple surgical procedure performed by a surgeon or an Urologist. The entire procedure takes hardly 10 minutes. The procedure involves-

  1. The patient lies on his back and his scrotum skin is sterilized with a germ killer or an antiseptic medicine.
  2. He is further injected with local or general anesthesia.
  3. The surgeon then cuts a small piece of tissue from the testicle using wither needle as part of open surgery.
  4. The tissue is then sent to a laboratory to consider the possibility of finding sperm cells.

Even if testicular biopsy is a mild surgery for sperm retrieval, the patient should still be weary of following possible risks -

  1. Formation of Hematoma (swelling of clotted blood cells) or heavy internal bleeding.
  2. Infection at the site of incision (swelling, itching, redness/rash etc.)
  3. High Fever ranging up to 104 degrees.
  4. Severe pain in the scrotum or the incision site.
  5. Swelling or discoloration in the scrotum.

Before Testicular Biopsy you should consider following things-

  1. Let your physician know the prescription medicines or over the counter medicines you are using. This would allow your physician decide the best time for Testicular Biopsy.
  2. People with bleeding problem history should avoid Testicular Biopsy as it may lead to excessive bleeding for days.
  3. If you are allergic to medicines or to Anesthesia then avoid.
  4. Prepare yourself with blood thinning medicines such as Ibuprofen, aspirin to help you better adjust after surgery.
  5. Avoid having sex for at least 2 weeks after the biopsy.
  6. Avoid junk foods for at least a couple of weeks as it may lead to abdominal bloating and trouble you in the stitch.