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Why Ela for Medical Tourism Services:

  • Medical Visa arrangement assistance for patients
  • Travel and Accommodation assistance
  • Medical insurance facility arrangement
  • Time saving Airport Pick and Drop facility
  • Useful language interpreter services
  • Focused Diet, and Nutrition counseling

About Ela

Ela has built an extensive network with several hospitals across India and other countries to bring forward different healthcare services in the field of infertility medicine and treatments under the concept of medical tourism in India. Ela offers a wide range of services associated with medical tourism to serve patients in the best possible manner. The main aim of the team at Ela is to make sure that patients traveling to India from different parts of the world for their infertility treatments receive the best quality results.

How does Medical Tourism work?

Medical tourism involves a series of steps which need to be followed in the right way. The steps utilized in the medical tourism are nearly the same for most of the clinics or hospitals. This helps patients receive time to time assistance for every step towards their success with the respective medical procedure. Medical tourism is executed in the following manner:

  • Verification of medical documents.
  • Talk about the required medical treatment.
  • Finalize the doctor and hospital with the help of concerned healthcare facilitator.
  • Ela helps in arranging travel and hotel accommodation along with passport.
  • On reaching the city where the treatment will take place, patients are taken to the pre-decided hospital and there the medical specialist is consulted about the case.
  • The medical treatment is started as per the opinion of the medical expert practicing at the medical centre. This helps in receiving the desired results with the medical procedure without any delay.
  • After completion of the treatment, patients travel back to their respective country. Depending on the case and type of treatment package, patients can even choose to stay back in the respective city. In some cases, patients need to travel back for next appointments after couple of months. The success of the medical treatment demarcates the fulfillment of the purpose of utilizing the features of medical tourism.

What Our Patients are saying

Medical Tourism Growth and Statistics across the Globe:

Medical tourism is one of the emerging and at the same time one of the most flourishing sectors of healthcare. The concept of medical tourism comprises of patients traveling abroad to receive their medical treatments and surgeries at best possible charges and quality at the same time. Patient comfort and satisfaction are the prime goals of introducing and implementing medical tourism in the field of medicine. The growth of medical tourism has occurred over the years and in the recent times the growth has boosted manifold. Medical tourism has helped out a wide number of patients across different parts of the world to go ahead and reap benefits of the features associated with medical tourism. According to one of the top market research websites, it is noted that the medical tourism market is all set to see a robust growth in the next few years. Even medical specialists and surgeons are favoring the concept of medical tourism and encourage patients to reap the benefits of the medical tourism. This will prove to be beneficial not only patients but also medical centres and hospitals located in the countries who are evolving the concept of medical tourism. Asian countries rank high in the field of medical tourism when the growth rate is measured at a global level. Medical tourism sector is evolving as more number of patients are going for reproductive and infertility treatments, weight loss therapies, orthopedic surgeries, dentistry, cosmetic surgeries, cardiovascular therapies, and surgeries, and cancer treatments. You will be surprised to know but according to a recent research it is found that patients even travel abroad for their health related medical tests and scans. Therefore, there is proven medical tourism growth in the recent years across different parts of the world especially in the developing countries. The sector of medical tourism is constantly evolving on the path of progress. It has successfully contributed to evolution in the field of medicine as well. Increasing number of patients are now taking the step towards creating better lives with the assistance of medical tourism.

Top drivers of medical tourism:

There are mainly three factors which majorly contribute in the constant growth of the medical tourism in several cities located across India and abroad. High medical treatment cost, long waiting times, and affordable international flights to the countries providing medical treatments under medical tourism are the top 3 factors which majorly contribute to the growth of medical tourism in several countries. Medical tourism helps patients traveling to the respective countries receive quality medical treatments at affordable costs combined with less or absolutely no waiting time. Another important factor which contributes to the rise in medical tourism is the increase in the number of medical centres and hospitals which receive accreditation of Joint Commission International (JCI). This is popularly known as International accreditation. JCI was established in the year 1999 as an international affiliate agency. As per the recent records, more than 950 hospitals situated in various parts of the world have received the prestigious accreditation from JCI. It is expected that the numbers are set to rise at a rate of 15 to 20 percent each year. There are certain healthcare agencies now hold the authority to accredit currently established outpatient clinics. These organizations include The Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) along with The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAASF). Such healthcare organizations make sure that patients receive only ethical and best quality medical procedures for their health issues. (Source: Medical Tourism Statistics and Facts, Patients Beyond Borders) In some of the developing countries, the investment in the healthcare sector has increased to a great extent. This has fueled evolving researches and evolutions in different specialties of medicine. Despite several advancements in the field of medicine, useful medical insurance facilities are not yet available in several remote areas across the world. Because of this reason, the demand of medical tourism in the countries with less or no treatment issues when going for a procedure has also increased over the years. The best aspect of medical tourism which is often appreciated by patients and experts is that one does not face quality concern despite of much more affordable costs of medical treatments.

Worldwide outlook:

Each of the countries which are taking special efforts to build their medical services with the right approach, thus aiming to improve the patient experience as the respective medical centre. The Medical Tourism Index which was released by MTA clearly specified that there are 40+ countries who are presently competing among themselves in the medical tourism sector. Israel has ranked first for the quality of services and healthcare facilities. India also ranks at the top of most of the spheres of medical tourism for its excellent service to patients visiting the country from across the globe. Singapore is a renowned destination for complicated medical surgeries which yield the best results. The countries which are growing at the fastest pace include Spain, Taiwan, Singapore, and Colombia. The medical services in this countries are steadily utilized for treatment of local to international patients. The medical specialists and medical staff serve their best to provide patients with the apt healthcare facilities and useful experience. Thailand has emerged as one of the top countries which provide medical tourism services in the field of cosmetic surgery. Malaysia has also gained a top position in the medical tourism sector for its state-of-art medical technology and infrastructure along with highly experienced and skilled medical specialists. (Source: Medical Tourism Market to Surge at a Robust pace in terms of revenue over 2018 - 2028, Market Talk News) Patients need to study well before choosing any one country for their respective medical treatments. One of the most important aspects which need to be considered while finalizing the clinic is to make sure that one gets to know the percentage of total savings which they will receive while undergoing the chosen medical treatment in the respective city. India, Malaysia, and Thailand are the top countries which will help patients traveling from different parts of the world to save up to 80% on an average for each of their chosen medical treatments. Costa Rica, Mexico, and Turkey are the medical tourism destinations which offer medical treatment packages which save up to 65% when compared to that of the treatments performed in the developed countries. The choice of the country and city depends on the priorities of the patients and their respective medical case. (Source: Medical Tourism Statistics and Facts, Patients Beyond Borders)

Revenue Growth of Global Medical Tourism:

In one of the latest reports published by Grand View Research Inc., it is mentioned that the global medical tourism market is going to grow up to USD 179.6 billion till the year 2026. Medical tourism is one such sectors which directly contributes to the foreign exchange income sector at a steady rate in the recent years. Medical tourism sector not only comforts patients with the best quality and affordable medical treatments but it also helps local members to receive employment opportunities in the field of medical tourism. There has been steady growth in certain countries due to implementation of state-of-art facilities for improved patient experience at the respective hospitals. Healthcare providers make sure that patients receive affordable healthcare services. To promote medical tourism in various healthcare centres, the healthcare authorities are promoting services and offering patients with customized treatment packages. These medical packages comprise of various useful facilities starting from flight tickets to reaching the pre-decided hospital or clinic in the chosen city. One of the best evolvements in medical tourism is that now government authorities are planning and taking step ahead towards investment in the medical facilities and treatments. (Source: Medical Tourism Market Worth $179.6 Billion by 2026, Grand View Research)

Fertility Tourism Market across the Globe:

Fertility tourism is one of the fields of medical tourism which has seen tremendous growth over the years. In fertility tourism, couples choose to visit other countries to receive quality and affordable infertility treatments thus resulting in successful completion of the chosen infertility treatments. Couples can reap benefits of the fertility tourism concept and get to know the essence of infertility treatments in different countries. In the recent times, even lesbian and gay couples are going for infertility treatments are moving on the path of infertility treatments to build a family. One can see that fertility tourism is helping heterosexual couples as well as same gender couples. Patients need to understand that fertility tourism also benefits patients in the form of guiding with advanced steps such as . (Source: What is Fertility Tourism?, The International Fertility Institute of Hawaii)

In the field of infertility medicine, there are certain medical procedures which are in high demand in the segment of fertility tourism. These infertility treatments include In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Surgical Sperm Retrieval, Blastocyst Embryo Transfer, Frozen Embryo Transfer, and Assisted Hatching procedures. Other infertility treatments which are included in this list include unstimulated Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Egg donation, Gamete Intra Fallopian Transfer (GIFT), and Donor Insemination (DI) procedures. Each of these infertility treatments lead to excellent results for the couples opting for the procedures. The costs of these treatments in the field of infertility medicine become very affordable when patients choose the path of medical tourism, especially if they are currently residing in a developed country where the cost of the required treatment is too high. Patients from certain parts of the world opt for medical tourism services for improved experience in their respective infertility treatment. Most of the patients who are planning to choose infertility treatments search for only certain specific countries which includes India, Spain, Ukraine, Turkey, and Greece. Other countries which are in the list of the most searched countries for fertility related treatments include Ukraine, Malaysia, Brazil, Hungary, and Russia. One of the interesting facts about fertility tourism is that there is a steady increase in the number of couples going for infertility treatments to countries abroad. Patients who have chosen this path are satisfied with the results and other aspects of fertility tourism as well. (Source: Fertility Market... A complex market niche, International Medical Travel Journal)

Growth of Medical Tourism in India:

Medical Tourism is a crucial part of the healthcare sector which is evolving to an appreciable extent over the years. As per the industry experts, medical tourism in India is expected to grow up to a superb 200% by 2020. This statement clearly indicates that an increasing number of patients are becoming aware about the advantages of the benefits which they can receive with the assistance of medical tourism.

India is one of the top countries which offers quality and reasonable healthcare treatment services when compared to the cost of the treatment packages in the developed countries. For instance, if the cost of a medical treatment is $15,000 - $ 20,000 in developed countries, then the cost of the same medical procedure in India will be around $2,000 - $3,000 in India. This helps the patient from such countries to save up to 60% of the total treatment cost. The best part is that the travel cost also gets included in the predicted package amount. Medical tourism in India is popular and high in-demand in the cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai to name a few. These cities have gained highest number of medical tourists visiting for their respective medical treatments. The medical centres and hospitals in these cities rank at the top of the list of most successful hospitals across the world.

There are various factors which contribute and influence in steady growth of medical tourism in India. These factors include top doctors in India specializing in different fields of medicine, low medical cost, and ease of travel combined with communication. The cost of medical treatments performed in India are 40% more affordable than that of the cost of medical treatment in the developed countries. You will be surprised to know that rent in India is 85.47% lesser than that of the countries such as the United States. This helps patients to save a lot of money with respect to their respective medical treatments. India is the second largest English speaking country which makes it a preferred location for targeted medical tourism. There are several well-trained and experienced language interpreters who provide best language related guidance to patients traveling from different parts of the world to India. They assist patients to understand regional languages and avoid any kind of confusions or wastage of time. Medical VISA can be now much easily received with the assistance of various VISA portals. This motivates patients to plan their trip at much pocket-friendly cost and have a great experience alongside. Not only this, the flight cost is also much affordable and does not create hole in the pockets of the patients. This assists patients in having the best possible experience during their medical treatments. (Source: Why India is becoming the Finest Medical Tourism Destination, Entrepreneur)

Fertility Tourism in India:

Infertility issues existed in India since long, but the treatment for such conditions has evolved over the years. In the 1990s, doctors started using IVF procedure for treating infertility cases of patients. (Source: The Rise of Fertility Tourism in India, Daddy's Digest) These were the couples who were unable to get pregnant naturally. Over the years, infertility treatments in India are performed along with other additional infertility treatments to treat next level infertility issues of couples struggling to have a baby. Various medical associations are established which motivate the practice of medical tourism in India. The field of infertility treatments is bound with a series of challenges which are gradually simplified under the guidance of legal and industry experts. These experts are working consistently to simplify the process of infertility treatments for patients who are coming from abroad to get treated in India. One of the biggest benefits of opting for infertility treatments in the evolving sector of medical tourism in India is that you can visit various historical places and tourist locations after the treatment gets finished. Fertility tourism is one of the medical tourism sectors which is growing at a speedy rate. Fertility tourism is also known as pregnancy tourism or health tourism. One of the lesser known facts about fertility tourism is that it is a US $2.5 billion industry which shows childless couples the right track to have a baby with the IVF procedure. Most of the developed countries have long waiting time for their respective infertility treatments to be performed at the respective fertility centres. On the other hand, the top hospitals in India have got very less or near to no waiting time while patients visit the fertility centre for IVF or other most commonly utilized infertility treatments. Patients just have to fly to India from their country of origin and receive quality medical treatments with high success rates. In this way fertility tourism is helping patients with their infertility treatments in the best possible manner. (Source: Reproductive Tourism in India: No Child's Play, AsiaSentinel)

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