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Getnews One Step Home Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy Test
  • Getnews One Step Pregnancy Test is built with American technology and provides quick result in just 5 minutes. Comes with high accuracy and early detection with 99.9% accuracy guaranteed.
INR  197.00
Ratings :  4.97 Votes
Ovulation Kits
  • i-know is an ovulation test kit. It detects the ovulation days with 99% accuracy. i-know was launched in 2011 as a part of the women's intimate range of products consisting of i-pill and i-can.
INR  399.00
Ratings :  4.88 Votes
Optimum Nutrition (ON) Opti-Women
  • Multivitamins with Nutrient Optimization System of 75+ active ingredients in 4 blends specifically designed to support the nutrient needs of active woman. Also composed with 22 vitamins and essential minerals including 1,500 IU of vitamin D, this multivitamins are also loaded with amino acids, botanical extracts and antioxidants in foundational amounts which is as healthy as a healthy balanced diet.
INR  1005.00
Ratings :  4.85 Votes
Pjur Cool
  • It is a water based lubricant enriched with menthol that provides a pleasant cooling-like feeling shortly after it is applied. It is used for sexual intercourse as well as masturbation. It is not too cold, but leaves a pleasant cooling sensation on your skin and gives your love play a unique touch.
INR  1560.00
Ratings :  4.74 Votes
i-can Pregnancy Kit
Pregnancy Test
  • It is a human chorionic gonadotropin hormone detection kit. It is used for pregnancy test. It is a pregnancy test kit that indicates whether a woman is pregnant or not. It gives fast and accurate result.
INR  50.00
Ratings :  4.76 Votes
Centrum Silver Women Multivitamin
  • Centrum Silver Ultra Womens is specially formulated with key nutrients to help meet the nutritional needs of women over 50+ age. This multi-vitamin for women helps support bone health and provides key nutrients to help support the health of your heart, brain and eyes.
INR  3120.00
Ratings :  4.74 Votes
INNOVITA - Ovulation Kit Test Strips, LH test
Ovulation Kits
  • Innovita Ovulation Kit test Strips provide quick and easy ovulation prediction along with detecting the best time to conceive and to use contraception. It is 99% accurate, easy to use and give fast result of ovulation.
INR  449.00
Ratings :  4.64 Votes
FairHaven Digital Basal Thermometer
BBT Thermometer
  • The FairHaven Health Digital Basal Thermometer allows a woman in interpreting the Basal Body Temperature (BBT) for fertility charting purposes. It has Digital display technique which reads to 1/100th of a degree, Digital memory recall function for most recent reading, replaceable battery, clear storage case and Peak-temperature indicator sound. It combines pinpoint accuracy with safety and ease of use.
INR  1328.00
Ratings :  4.64 Votes
Dabur Shilajit Gold
Sexual Enhancers
  • Dabur Shilajit Gold is a 100 percent Ayurvedic formulation for effective sexual strength & stamina. Each capsules contains Atmagupta/Kewanch extract, Shudh Shilajit, Musali, Ashwagandha extract, Lavanga, Goksura, Varahi and other ayurvedic ingredients which are highly beneficial in Arthritis, Stress, Thyroid Dysfunction, Obesity, Diabetes etc. other than boosting a healthy sexual stamina.
INR  164.00
Ratings :  4.56 Votes
Durex Ky Jelly Personal Lubricant
  • Durex Ky Jelly Personal Lubricant is clear, non-greasy and water soluble which is used during human sexual acts such as intercourse and masturbation to reduce friction to or between the penis and vagina, anus, other body parts, or applied to sex toys to reduce friction or to ease penetration.
INR  550.00
Ratings :  4.55 Votes
INLIFE Vash(V) - Vaginal Wash
Menstrual Hygiene
  • INLIFE Vash is one of the best feminine wash as it provides long lasting freshness. This is specially formulated for the vaginal area to fight against odour-causing bacteria by maintaining a proper pH balance.
INR  299.00
Ratings :  4.54 Votes
New basal body thermometer/Fertility thermometer
BBT Thermometer
  • Thermometer or (BBT), is used to measure the lowest temperature attained by the body while resting, usually just after a night's sleep and before any physical activity. Since BBT acts as an indicator to fertility, this thermometer can be used not just to monitor your body temperature but also to keep a check on fertility in women.
INR  3843.00
Ratings :  4.54 Votes
ID: Frutopia Cherry
  • It is a water based lubricant with the slickness of silicone. Frutopia gives you and your partner a delicious experience that no other flavored lube can give.It is used during the act of sexual intercourse which not only reduces friction, but also leaves the skin feeling supple and smooth.
INR  750.00
Ratings :  4.54 Votes
Clean And Dry Daily Intimate Wash
Menstrual Hygiene
  • Clean And Dry Daily Intimate Wash is composed with natural formula of vitamins and aloe vera gel extracts. It protects and cleanses the vaginal area while maintaining the necessary pH balance. Also restores discoloured vaginal skin for a fair, glowing look. This gentle wash keeps away itching, irritation and other infections, providing all day freshness and confidence.
INR  150.00
Ratings :  4.54 Votes
Nature Made Prenatal Multi Plus DHA
Fertility Supplement
  • Nature Made Prenatal plus DHA is specially designed for prennant woman. It contains essential Omega-3 fatty acids that benefits the development of the fetus and the health of the mother during pregnancy. It contains DHA that helps support fetal brain and eye development
INR  2969.00
Ratings :  4.54 Votes
INLIFE Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol Supplement for Men Women 2000 IU
Fertility Supplement
  • Inlife offers Vitamin D3 in the form of Softgel Capsules to activate the immune systems and to promote blood circulation. It is enriched with Cholecalciferol, which is the active form of Vitamin D3, and accordingly provides superior absorption compared to regular Vitamin D3.
INR  419.00
Ratings :  4.54 Votes
VoxPress Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy Test
  • This pregnancy detection kit is specially designed for womenn to provide fast and accurate result in just 3 to 5 minute. It is a rapid test for early detection of pregnancy, Urine compatible, Long Shelf life of 2 years, Room Temperature Stable are some of the features that come along with this pregnancy detection kit.
INR  65.00
Ratings :  4.46 Votes
V-Bathe Intimate Hygiene Wipes
Menstrual Hygiene
  • V-Bathe Intimate Hygine Wipes are ultra soft wipes for cleansing your intimate area. It is enriched with vitamin E and aloe vera which helps in maintaining normal healthy vaginal pH balance. Best in removing vaginal infections with associated symptoms such as unpleasant odor, itching, burning etc.
INR  150.00
Ratings :  4.44 Votes
Arlak Masterstroke
Sexual Enhancers
  • It is a natural product which can be used for both men and women. As we all know that when it comes to sexual-Wellness most people of India are facing problems. Some people have low stamina and have low endurance problems while having Sex-Which directly affects their love life. So for people who once again want to bring joy to their life can use masterstroke Musli-for the better and endurance.
INR  1699.00
Ratings :  4.45 Votes
PREGAPLAN- One Step Ovulation (Fertility) Test Kit
Ovulation Kits
  • Pregaplan One Step Ovulation (Fertility) Test Kit is the most reliable, convenient and easy-to-use Ovulation Kit to determine those two special days with almost 99 percent accuracy of getting pregnant. It is known to provide accurate and fast result to increase the chances of a successful conception.
INR  449.00
Ratings :  4.44 Votes
BABI - Ovulation Kit Test Strips LH Test
Ovulation Kits
  • BABI is a Pack of 7 Ovulation Kit test Strips. It helps detecting the best time to conceive and to use contraception with 99% accuracy.
INR  349.00
Ratings :  4.44 Votes
Joybynaure - Pure Garcinia Cambogia
Fertility Supplement
  • It is an extract of citrus fruit, grows in Southeast Asia Region. The skin of the fruit has a natural, biologically active substance called Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) with amazing properties. It decreases your weight by controlling your food craving, powerful appetite control. Increases serotonin level for better sleep and helps you to get free from stress. Aids in Weightloss and Boosts Metabolism. Inhibits Fat Production.
INR  1000.00
Ratings :  4.44 Votes
Toshiba Fertility Thermometer
BBT Thermometer
  • It has a unique design that predicts and reminds you the ovulation date, fertile and infertile days, safe and menstrual period accurately. This BBT thermometer can connect with mobile phone & temperature measurement is done in as fast as 40 secs. It can store and transfer data in smart phone which is very helpful to measure reading in future.
INR  2499.00
Ratings :  4.44 Votes
Amway Nutrilite Salmon Omega 3 Softgels
Fertility Supplement
  • Amway Nutrilite Salmon Omega 3 Softgel is enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids that may benefit the development of the fetus and the health of the mother during pregnancy. It contains DHA that helps support fetal brain and eye development. Omega-3 supplements may help prevent and treat depression and anxiety during pregnancy.
INR  1043.00
Ratings :  4.44 Votes
Summit Nutritions Organic Women's Total Whole Food Multivitamins
  • Organic multivitamins and mineralsis tablet that helps to improve overall health in women. This multi-vitamin for women helps supporting bone health and provides key nutrients to improve heart health, brain functions and eye sight.
INR  1599.00
Ratings :  4.44 Votes
VWash Intimate Hygiene Wash
Menstrual Hygiene
  • VWash Plus is an expert hygiene wash product specially designed for a woman's intimate needs. It contains special Lactic Acid formula which helps maintain the pH balance of the vagina. Also infused with tea tree oil & sea buckthorn oil to prevent itching, irritation, dryness of vagina. Regular usage leaves you feeling fresh all day long.
INR  230.00
Ratings :  4.45 Votes
Homecheck Womens Daily One Multivitamin
  • Homecheck Womens Daily One Multivitamin is an excellent quality multivitamin designed sepcifically for women. It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals that women need to maintain optimum health. This multi-vitamin for women to help support bone health and provides key nutrients to help support the health of your heart, brain and eyes.
INR  790.00
Ratings :  4.34 Votes
Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit
Pregnancy Test
  • It is a pregnancy test kit that indicates whether a woman is pregnant or not. It uses silica granules to absorb the moisture from the urine so the card will be more accurate and the sera reagent will not be spoiled all that easily.
INR  120.00
Ratings :  4.34 Votes
Biosap Libidox
Sexual Enhancers
  • Biosap Libidox is one of the best products to boost sexual stamina stamina and enhance sexual desire. The ingredients of libidox are traditionally used for supporting healthy sexual endurance and libido. This product can be used by both men and women. It is totally safe and a pure ayurvedic product.
INR  399.00
Ratings :  4.34 Votes
Pregakem Quick Pregnancy Detection kit
Pregnancy Test
  • It is a quick and easy way to use pregnancy detection kit. It allows to self-confirm pregnancy in 5 minutes. Pregakem confirms pregnancy by detecting the presence of pregnancy hormone (hCG - human chorionic gonadotropin hormone) in the urine produced by body during pregnancy.
INR  145.00
Ratings :  4.34 Votes
Moods Natural Lubes for the Natural Feel
  • Moods Natural Lubes for the Natural Feel lubricant is used during the act of sexual intercourse to reduce the friction between couples and turn on the heat. It makes the lovemaking smooth and more pleasureful.
INR  260.00
Ratings :  4.24 Votes
Zandu Vigorex
Sexual Enhancers
  • Zandu Vigorex is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine used as vitalizer and alterative tonic. It is a herbal medicine enriched with Atmagupta (Kaunch Beej), Asvagandha, Satavari, Safed Musali, Gokshur, Shudh Shilajit, Yasad Bhasma and other useful ayurvedic ingredients.
INR  180.00
Ratings :  4.15 Votes
MCP Jasun Digital BBT Basal Body Temperature Thermometer
BBT Thermometer
  • MCP Jasun Digital BBT Basal Body Temperature Thermometer is the future of BBT thermometers due to its superior quality and durable built. The LCD screen in this BBT thermometer is helpful in reading in the dark as well. It is featured with clinically precise temperature readings in just 40-60 seconds. It has CE certified precision technology suitable for Oral, Rectal, Axillary (Armpit) Body Temperature and perfect for fertility charting and predicting ovulation.
INR  350.00
Ratings :  4.14 Votes
Fertility Products are those products, which help you in enhancing your fertility health and in improving your chances to conceive. Targeted for both men and women, Fertility Products are often considered very stable and a natural fertility aid to treat and track fertility health issues. Common issues are Ovulation Problems, Ovarian Health Issues, Sexual Dysfunction, Menstrual Health, Cervical Issues and Male Hormonal Issues.

Fertility Products are mostly add-ons or alternatives to treating and tracking fertility health. These products should not be confused with Fertility Medications and Drugs as they act as a booster to your fertility health and do not necessarily cure a critical fertility health condition. Also, most of the fertility products come in test-kit form to allow tracking your fertility health and pregnancy. There are four major types of Fertility Products which help you boost and track your fertility health.

  1. Fertility Supplements Fertility Supplements are mostly synthesized through natural sources of vitamins and antioxidants, which are targeted to boost fertility health for both men and women. In women, fertility supplements come in dietary forms such as Prenatals, Fertility Tea and Multivitamins. These help in restoring hormonal balances, support ovarian health and optimize reproductive as well as menstrual health. In case of men, there are dietary fertility supplements and vitamins which help in increasing sperm count, motility and morphology to increase the chances of pregnancy.
  2. Fertility Enhancers Fertility enhancers are products in form of Oil, Cream, Jelly and foam. They help in improving sexual activities and libido. They also improve cervical health and mucus formation. Menstrual cycle regularity, and maintaining hygiene for private parts become a crucial part of the same.
  3. Fertility Tools Fertility Tools are those scientifically created tools, which help both men and women in tracking their fertility health. Packaged as test-kits, fertility tools assist women in tracking Pregnancy, Ovulation and Basal Body Temperature. For men, it comes in test kit form to check sperm mobility and count. These tools are very essential to track overall fertility health when one is planning or avoiding pregnancy. Fertility Guide >Fertility Guides are online and offline techniques to improve chances of conceiving and maintaining a good reproductive as well as sexual health. They are available in the form of Fertility DVDs and Books, which enhances knowledge on fertility health, and guide you in planning pregnancy.

Based on the results of the tests, various treatments could be suggested by the fertility doctor -

  1. Fertility products help in guiding and maintaining overall fertility health in order to plan or avoid pregnancy.
  2. These products help you in tracking your fertility and sexual health.
  3. Fertility Products save you from general side effects of fertility medications and drugs (if any).
  4. Fertility supplements are usually synthesized from natural sources and so lead to almost no side effects.
  5. Fertility tools are scientific innovations, which help you clear your confusion and track your fertility health situations accurately (pregnancy, ovulation and sperm count).
You need Fertility Products under situations such as-
  1. When you are planning your pregnancy, fertility products such as prenatal, multivitamins, cervical mucus enhancing jelly and oral dietary supplements are very crucial to give an extra push to your reproductive system.
  2. If you as a couple experience problems in having sex due to sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation, low libido or dry vagina, fertility products such as lube, natural tablets come very handy.
  3. If you suffer from pelvic infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis, fertility products such as intimate wash comes very handy to maintain hygiene for better fertility chances.
  4. Fertility tools such as pregnancy test kit, ovulation kit, and BBT (Basal Body Temperature) are your essential tools to track fertility health and pregnancy.
  5. Multivitamins as a fertility product is useful for both men and women in terms of sperm production and in keeping a healthy menstrual cycle.
  6. Fertility Products such as fertility guides are useful when you want to increase your knowledge on fertility health and keep a vigilant approach in terms of tracking fertility.