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    Menstrual health drugs in india

    Average Ratings 4.5 / 5 27 vote(s)

    Medications Drugs in India at discounted prices. Check Reviews, Ratings, Prices, and Side effects for Drugs into Medications at

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    CLOMID 0.50
    Menstrual Healtht

    Clomid 0.50 tablet works by increasing the action of GABA, a chemical messenger which suppresses the abnormal and excessive activity of nerve cells in the brain.

    Rs.  26.00

    Rating 5.0 12 vote(s)


    FIBRAN PLUS 250 MG 250MG
    Menstrual Healtht

    Tranexamic Acid is used in the treatment of bleeding. It is used to prevent or reduce bleeding for short period of time in conditions like heavy periods, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, nosebleed, tooth removal, after prostate surgery or after bladder surgery."

    Rs.  150.00

    Rating 5.0 7 vote(s)


    Menstrual Healtht

    Clonapax md 0.50mg tablet works by increasing the action of GABA, a chemical messenger which suppresses the abnormal and excessive activity of the nerve cells in the brain.

    Rs.  23.00

    Rating 4.0 4 vote(s)


    DOLO 650MG
    Menstrual Healtht

    Dolo 650mg tablet blocks the release of certain chemical messengers in the brain that is responsible for pain and fever. Mostly used for the treatment of fever, headache, pain during menstruation, arthralgia, myalgia, dental pain and post operative pain.

    Rs.  28.00

    Rating 4.0 4 vote(s)


    Fertility Drugs in India

    India has one of the largest and fastest growing private health sectors in the world. Many private hospitals are established for fertility treatments with all the latest technology and facilities. India also has some of the most flexible regulations on fertility treatment and that is why attracts medical tourists from all over the world for many yea Relaxed rules and regulations allow the use of many fertility drugs in India in treatments for couples, for singles and same-sex couples.

    India is one of the popular destinations for fertility treatments, due to this; the use of fertility drugs in India is growing. Fertility drugs are medicines and hormones used to regulate and stimulate ovulation, which increases the chances of getting pregnant. The fertility medicines not only help to conceive but also ensure a safe and full-term pregnancy for those at constant risk of miscarriage and preterm birth.

    Benefits of Fertility Drugs

    Below mentioned are some of the benefits of fertility drugs:

    Fertility Drugs for Women

    Fertility drugs are the first step of treatment for many women with fertility problems. Fertility drugs work by increasing the levels of certain hormones in your body and stimulating organ function. These hormones help to mature and release one or more eggs each month. Fertility drugs in India are mainly given to women who ovulate rarely or irregularly. These drugs are often used in conjunction with artificial insemination or In-vitro Fertilization (IVF).Fertility drugs are suitable if you have one or more of the following health issues:

    Fertility drugs in India may be given for the following reasons:

    Effects of Fertility Drugs on Women

    There are many different types of fertility drugs in India for women. Some of the most common fertility drugs work by stimulating ovaries to produce multiple eggs, which increase the chance of conceiving. Other drugs may help to prevent premature ovulation and stimulate hormones during Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures. The doctor may prescribe fertility drugs in India to boost the release of more than one egg per cycle. This process, called controlled ovarian hyperstimulation is often used simultaneously with artificial insemination or In-vitro Fertilization (IVF). With the help of the latest fertility drugs in India, women may produce one or more eggs with hopes of fertilizing one egg.

    Fertility Drugs Work By:

    Fertility Drugs and IVF

    If a woman is going through IVF, the doctor may prescribe Gonadotropin-releasing hormone or GnRH analogs simultaneously with other fertility drugs to prevent spontaneous ovulation. GnRH analogs work by stopping the production of Follicle Stimulating Hormone and Luteinizing Hormone, thereby preventing ovulation and reducing oestrogen levels. GnRH antagonists work the same way, except they do not cause the initial stimulation of FSH and LH.Many fertility drugs in India have been used safely and successfully for decades but some can result in severe side effects and a higher chance of multiple pregnancies. You have to consider your desire to have a baby against the chances of having side effects and of carrying twins. Bear in mind that monitoring by a fertility specialist using blood tests and ultrasound scans will significantly reduce the risks and side effects of fertility drugs.

    Commonly used fertility drugs in India

    The most popular fertility drugs for women are:

    All these help in ovulation, but which drug is right for you depends on the reason of infertility and the problems faced by you.

    Fertility Drugs in India for Men

    Fertility in men depends on the quality and quantity of his sperm. If the sperm quantity and quality are low, either it can be very difficult for him to impregnate a woman or he will not be able to help in conceiving. Around one in every 20 men have fertility problems, mostly concerning a low sperm count, while only one in every 100 men are not able to produce sperms at all. Most infertility problems in men cannot be treated with medication. However, in some situations, men are also recommended hormones or other drugs during fertility treatment.

    Use of Fertility Drugs by Men

    A condition called secondary hypogonadism affects around two percent of men, causing infertility. This happens when the hypothalamus or the pituitary gland do not function normally. The changes in hormones affect normal sperms and testosterone production. Secondary hypogonadism is the only condition of infertility that can be treated with fertility drugs.

    Effects of Fertility Drugs in Men

    Here are a few ways in which drugs help in treating male fertility:

    Different Fertility Drugs in India for Men

    The best fertility drug for a man depends on what is causing the fertility to occur in the first place. Some over the counter male fertility drugs are: 

    Antibiotics and Fungal Treatments

    Antibiotics and fungi medicines are used for the treatment of reproductive systems infected by bacteria or fungi.

    Risks of Using Fertility Drugs

    Like any medical procedure, the treatment with fertility drugs also comes with some risks, especially during long-term usage. The risks associated with fertility drugs can be a simple headache, premature baby or multiple births. Some of the risks involved in taking the fertility drugs are:

    Finding the Right Dose of Fertility Drugs

    Finding the right dose of the fertility drugs varies among women and depends on the cause of infertility. A low dose of fertility drugs can lead to insufficient reaction thereby decreasing the chances of the positive outcome of the treatment. A high dosage of fertility drug, on the other hand, can develop serious issues like OHSS and multiple births. If you are at the point where you need the help of fertility drugs to conceive, do not be nervous. There are highly effective fertility drugs in India that are available in the market that can help couples conceive. Millions of women have successfully become pregnant thanks to the availability of fertility drugs in India. Make sure, you talk to your doctor about cycles of fertility drugs that can enable you to get pregnant successfully.

    If you have any doubts on fertility drugs prescribed by your doctor, you can consult specialists at Elawoman. Elawoman can also help you find the best infertility doctor and clinic in your area. Book an appointment now by calling +91-8929020600.