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Infertility clinics are medical clinics, which offer various diagnostic solutions to infertility problems in men and women alike - couples including same sex couples are provided treatments to help them with their ability to conceive. An infertility clinic usually has a team of trained fertility specialists including Reproductive Endocrinologists, Embryologists, Dietician, Sonographers, Nurses and maintenance staff. Infertility is a growing problem worldwide with average age increasing for planning a baby and so couples those are trying to conceive for more than 6 months are suggested to consult a fertility specialist.
  1. If a couple is trying for more than six months by using a Fertility App (such as Ela Ovulation Mobile App) and is still unable to conceive.
  2. A woman crossing an age of more than 36 years and is having problems in conceiving.
  3. Women with problems of fallopian tube/s- blockage or weak cell membrane.
  4. After an Abnormal Ovarian Reserve test which detects weak ovarian egg quality in women.
  5. Women suffering from one tubal ectopic pregnancy (where embryo attaches outside uterus).
  6. Women with severe cases of endometriosis or PCOS/PCOD where natural ovulation does not occur.
  7. Men with low sperm count or motility based on Sperm Analysis or Sperm Culture Test Reports. As per the World Health Organization's 5th edition of "Normal Semen Analysis" values should be:
    1. Volume of 1.5 ml or more
    2. pH value of greater than or equal to 7.2
    3. Sperm concentration of more than 15,000,000/ml
    4. Total motility of 40% or more
    5. Progressive motility of 32% or more
    6. Morphology of 4% or more normal forms
    7. Vitality of 58% or more live
    8. White blood cells of less than 1,000,000/ml
  8. Single parents/ same sex couples who wish to get pregnant with procedures such as IVF, IUI and ICSI using Donor Eggs or Donor sperms.

IUI procedure involves three variations depending on the ovarian health of the woman:

  1. Ovulation Induction - it is the stimulating process to ovaries through medicines for the development of ovarian follicles for curing anovulation (non-release of eggs during ovulation) and oligoovulation (irregular ovulation).
  2. In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) - It is an Assisted Reproductive Technology where process of fertilization happens through retrieval of eggs and sperm under medical supervision and artificial culturing of embryo under laboratory set up - when normal pregnancies fail. Once the embryo/s is formed, it is placed in the uterus of the mother.
  3. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) - Under this procedure, sperm is injected into the retrieved egg artificially and the developed embryo/s placed in the uterus to make the pregnancy occur.
  4. Frozen Embryo Replacement cycles (FER) - This technique includes softening the frozen embryo/s, which were developed during earlier IVF cycles, and using those embryos to conceive by placing them in the uterine cavity.
  5. Blastocyst Culturing - It is an embryo/s culturing process for treatments, like IVF, where the embryo is monitored and cultured under laboratory set up for 3 days.
  6. Cryopreservation (Sperm, Embryos) - a process where organ cells or tissues such as sperms and embryos, which are prone to damage because of chemical kinetics, are preserved through cooling in a very low temperature.
  7. Assisted Hatching of Embryos - It is a medical process, which is done when the Fertility doctor creates a small hole in the thinnest zona pellucida - a thick but transparent membrane covering the egg to assist fertilization.
  8. Donor Sperm Programme and Donor Egg Programme - sperm and egg donation happen under the observation of an infertility specialist for childless couples.
  9. Andrology services - services involving men’s fertility health such as MESA, TESA, PESA, TESE etc.
  1. Andrology Laboratory
  2. Cryo Preservation
  3. Embryology Laboratory
  4. Injection Room
  5. Operation theatre
  6. Ultrasound Room
  7. Emergency services (Ambulance, ATM, Pharmacy)