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What is Fair Treatment Cost?

Fair Treatment Cost is an algorithmic pricing engine by Ela that suggests Fair Cost for almost all Fertility Treatments. Fair Treatment Cost is built on Ela's proprietary technologies and data science. It takes into account pricing values of numerous Fertility Specialists and Centres in a city combined with Patient Feedback to suggest the fair treatment cost. Fair Treatment Cost is category agnostic pricing engine and suggests unbiased fair cost. Ela's Fair Treatment Cost uses data science and empirical evidences in terms of past curves, margins and spreads.

Algorithmic Approach
Provides Fair Value of Fertility Treatments
Built on Data Science

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Fair Treatment Cost

FTC stands for Fair Treatment Cost Calculator, which provides unbiased prices for different fertility treatments in various cities across India depending upon the market price of the treatment in a city for multiple centres combined with patient’s feedback. A general trend has been observed that higher treatment cost has direct a impact on the success rate of the treatment owing to the usage of advanced fertility medications. Fair Treatment cost is basically a pricing engine, which utilizes algorithm and Ela’s data science and proprietary technology. It helps patients in evaluating the price of the treatment in his/her city.

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FTC can be used to calculate cost for many cities in India.

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