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Your Treatment from doctors withFAIR success rate(Quality) should Cost between

Rs. 27,100 - Rs. 42,300

TreatmentMin (Rs.)Max (Rs.)
Embryo Donation27,10042,300
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TESE Cost in Rohtak (Testicular Sperm Extraction)

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The factors on which the cost of IVF treatment depends

the cost of IVF treatment in Rohtak ciepends on several factors including the experience of the fertility doctor, complexity of the couple's case as well as utilization of donated sperms, eggs or embryos. The requirement of additional treatments such as ICSI treatment and Assisted hatching procedure along with IVF also increases the cost.

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Which are the best Infertility Centres in Rohtak?

The following IVF centres in Rohtak are successfully serving couples with the latest and advanced fertility treatments for achieving the best results.

Sunflag Global Hospital

Subhash Nagar, Rohtak

3.5 verified

Nandal Hospital

Sonipat Road, Rohtak

3.5 verified

Aas Fertility and Maternity Centre

Subhash Nagar, Rohtak

3.0 verified

Mann MultiSpecialty Hospital

Company Bagh, Rohtak

3.0 verified

Deepmala Pagarani Hospital

Adarsh Nagar, Rohtak

3.0 verified

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Unbaised Result

Ela's Fair Treatment Cost makes sure that the patients receive fair treatment prices and suggestions vvhich are purely unbiased bringing the transparency in the system at no additional costs.

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It provides the user with the range of fertility treatment cost based on the success rates of the treatment which enable them to make smart and wise decision.

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It provides the user with the range of fertility treatment cost based on the success rates of the treatment which enable them to make smart and wise decision.

Usage of Advanced Algorithm

The prices for any fertility treatments are calculated by taking into consideration the market price of the treatment at various fertility centres and hospitals in the respective city.

What is the success rate of IVF treatment in Rohtak?

The success rate of IVF treatment in Rohtak is around 70%. The success rates of IVF treatment in Rohtak depends on several factors including stimulation protocol utilized by the fertility doctor, advanced medical technology at the hospital as well as features of andrology and IVF lab.

Does IVF treatment always lead to twins and triplet babies?

Not necessarily. In one of the recent researches in the field of IVF procedures, 1 out of every 34 babies born from IVF treated mothers is twins or triplets. So, you can see the ratio and understand the chances of occurrence of twin or triplet pregnancy.

Can I afford IVF treatment?

Absolutely, The prices of the IVF treatment are revised and updated so that couples with different treatment budgets can easily apply for the treatment and have their own babies. Moreover, couples can also opt for Ela medical loan.

What Our Patients are saying

The cost of Embryo Donation in Rohtak range from Rs. 27,100 to Rs. 81,500 depending on the Embryo Donation doctor's experience and Embryo Donation clinic location. The best Embryo Donation centres in Rohtak are Sunflag Global Hospital and Nandal Hospital

How Affordable Embryo Donation Cost in Rohtak Is?

If you have undergone an In Vitro Fertilization treatment and brought that ‘new life’ home, you are probably the best one to explain what 'infertility' feels like. The procedure of these fertility treatments at times seems to be less difficult than the mental agony one suffers when declared infertile. If you want to give the experience of bringing that newborn home to someone who is still deprived of it, Elawoman can help you out in the process of Embryo Donation. Our fertility consultants at are always happy to guide and help you in solving the queries regarding Embryo donation cost in Rohtak along with fertility related queries as well.

Embryo Donation

When a couple undergoes In Vitro Fertilization procedure to achieve pregnancy, there are chances that some useful and healthy fertilized eggs (embryos) are not used in the process and are kept frozen for future use. If you are ready for embryo donation for an infertile couple, elawoman is here to help you. Embryo Donation allows the donors to choose embryo recipients for a frozen embryo In vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycles.

Elawoman can help you find the best infertility centres in Rohtak that provide embryo donation program and accepts unused eggs (embryos).

Embryo Donation Cost in Rohtak

The Donor Embryo or Embryo Donation cost in Rohtak falls between Rs. 27169.2 to Rs. 81507.6. The embryo donation cost in Rohtak depends on success rates, qualification of doctor, location and the infrastructure of the infertility clinic in Rohtak. In this case, the donated embryo from a previous IVF cycle is used.

The donated embryos are utilized for couples who are unable to conceive their own babies due to problems with respect to sperms and eggs. The embryo donation cost in India is much economical as compared to the prevailing embryo donation cost in the first world countries.

IVF with Embryo Donation Cost in Rohtak

The cost of IVF with Donor Embryo in Rohtak varies between Rs. {{min_rate2}} to Rs. {{max_rate2}} The cost varies depending upon the compensation of the donated embryo.

What All Does Embryo Donation Cost In Rohtak Include?

The average embryo donation cost in Rohtak includes the initial checkups, doctor consultations, ultrasound monitoring, any hormonal support (if needed), and the transfer process. However, the services included in the embryo donation cost in Rohtak may vary from one IVF centre in Rohtak to another. Some of the fertility centres in Rohtak includes natural cycle, which costs slightly lesser, eliminating the cost of fertility drugs. Not all the fertility centres in Rohtak include the cost of initial cryopreservation of the embryos. Elawoman can help you get the best embryo donation cost in Rohtak at extremely affordable prices excluding any hidden cost.

Purpose of Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation is a source of hope for infertile couples who are trying to conceive. It is couple’s sole discretion that whether they want to preserve their embryos for future use or to be thawed and disposed of or to donate the embryos to an infertile couple. Embryo Donation helps couples in the following cases:

  • Couples who have defects or problems with their eggs or sperms
  • In case of a single woman who has defects in her eggs
  • In case of several failures infertility treatments
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Poor ovarian stimulation
  • Disturbance in gamete production
  • Couples having hereditary diseases
  • High Risk of OHSS in Fresh Embryo Transfer

Embryo Donation Process

Prior to the embryo donation process, there are certain procedures, which a donor couple needs to follow:

  • The donor couple is scheduled to undergo some tests to check the quality of embryos. The tests may include HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis and Gonorrhea
  • The donor couple is then allowed to undergo a screening process in which a couple’s unique medical history is examined
  • Counseling is conducted to share all sorts of risks associated with the embryo donation process
  • As per the infertility doctors in Rohtak, the donor is considered ineligible in case of any communicable disease or other risk factors

Embryo Donation Pros and Cons

By donating embryos to someone who needs it, can be a life-changing experience for an infertile couple. If you were successful in having your own biological child and have additional embryos, elawoman can help you in finding the best IVF centre in Rohtak where you can donate it to someone to start their family. Following are some benefits associated with Embryo Donation.

Pros of Embryo Donation

  • It is a noble gesture: An infertile couple can start a family that too in a natural way because of this noble act done by the donor couples
  • In embryo donation, the recipient couple can experience the phase of pregnancy and delivery which is missed in the otherwise adoption process
  • After IVF cycles, the additional remaining frozen embryos are donated to the infertile couple and are thus fresh and readily available to be used
  • Embryo donation procedure of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is the most cost-effective treatment to treat infertility and to achieve pregnancy as compared to other fertility treatments

Cons of Embryo Donation

Any procedure performed with the Assisted Reproductive Technology increases the chances of multiple pregnancies as compared to natural pregnancies

  • You can’t be sure of embryo successfully becoming a baby
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • High blood pressure
  • Excess protein in urine
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Severe Headache

Factors Affecting Embryo Donation Success Rates

There are various factors that affect the success rates of embryo donation in Rohtak. Including embryo donation cost in Rohtak, there are various other factors responsible for the embryo donation success rates and they are as under:

  • The best IVF centres in Rohtak and the modern technologies used in the process play a vital role in high success rates of embryo donation
  • The donor’s age is another important factor that affects the embryo donation success rates
  • The quality of embryo when it was frozen also affects the success rates of embryo donation
  • Educational and medical qualifications and expertise of the doctor also plays an important role in increasing the embryo donation success rates

Why Ela?

If you are about to begin your journey for the noble and heart-warming cause of embryo donation, elawoman is all in to support you at every step. From initial consultations, bookings to delivery, Ela will guide you in taking the right decision. At elawoman, you can get the embryo donation cost in Rohtak at an extremely reasonable price. If you need to the best IVF centre in Rohtak for embryo donation, our fertility experts are just a call away! Book an appointment at .

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