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Cost of TESA in Delhi varies between Rs. Rs. 18000 to Rs. Rs. 55000

The factors on which the cost of IVF treatment depends

the cost of IVF treatment in Delhi ciepends on several factors including the experience of the fertility doctor, complexity of the couple's case as well as utilization of donated sperms, eggs or embryos. The requirement of additional treatments such as ICSI treatment and Assisted hatching procedure along with IVF also increases the cost.

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Which are the best IVF centres in Delhi?

The following IVF centers in Delhi are successfully serving couples with the latest and advanced fertility treatments for achieving the best results.

SCI Surrogacy Centre India

SCI Surrogacy Centre India

Kailash Colony, Delhi

4.6 verified

Apollo Cradle, Moti Nagar

Apollo Cradle, Moti Nagar

Moti Nagar, Delhi

4.5 verified

International Fertility Centre

International Fertility Centre

Green Park, Delhi

4.5 verified

Urogyn Clinic

Urogyn Clinic

Rohini, Delhi

4.4 verified

Fair Treatment Cost calculator is Ela's proprietary algorithm to calculate pricing for various fertility treatments in multiple locations across India.

Salient Features of FTC Calculator Result

Unbaised Result

Ela's Fair Treatment Cost makes sure that the patients receive fair treatment prices and suggestions vvhich are purely unbiased bringing the transparency in the system at no additional costs.

Assists in Smart Decision Making

It provides the user with the range of fertility treatment cost based on the success rates of the treatment which enable them to make smart and wise decision.

Updated with Latest Pricing Structure

It provides the user with the range of fertility treatment cost based on the success rates of the treatment which enable them to make smart and wise decision.

Usage of Advanced Algorithm

The prices for any fertility treatments are calculated by taking into consideration the market price of the treatment at various fertility centers and hospitals in the respective city.

What is the success rate of IVF treatment in Delhi?

The success rate of IVF treatment in Delhi is around 70%. The success rates of IVF treatment in Delhi depends on several factors including stimulation protocol utilized by the fertility doctor, advanced medical technology at the hospital as well as features of andrology and IVF lab.

Does IVF treatment always lead to twins and triplet babies?

Not necessarily. In one of the recent researches in the field of IVF procedures, 1 out of every 34 babies born from IVF treated mothers is twins or triplets. So, you can see the ratio and understand the chances of occurrence of twin or triplet pregnancy.

Can I afford IVF treatment?

Absolutely, The prices of the IVF treatment are revised and updated so that couples with different treatment budgets can easily apply for the treatment and have their own babies. Moreover, couples can also opt for Ela medical loan.

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