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    Cost for Blastocyst Transfer in Kolkata

    Note: Ela doesn't charge any thing for its Services to its patients and all our services are FREE and Transparent. *T&C Apply

    The factors on which the cost of IVF treatment depends

    the cost of IVF treatment in Kolkata ciepends on several factors including the experience of the fertility doctor, complexity of the couple's case as well as utilization of donated sperms, eggs or embryos. The requirement of additional treatments such as ICSI treatment and Assisted hatching procedure along with IVF also increases the cost.

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    Which are the best Infertility Centres in Kolkata?

    The following IVF centres in Kolkata are successfully serving couples with the latest and advanced fertility treatments for achieving the best results.

    Woodland Hospitals

    Woodland Hospitals

    Alipore, Kolkata

    4.8 verified

    Sparsha Infertility Centre

    Sparsha Infertility Centre

    Madhyamgram, Kolkata

    4.5 verified

    Institute Of Human Reproduction

    Institute Of Human Reproduction

    Park Circus, Kolkata

    4.4 verified

    Body N Mind Cafe

    Body N Mind Cafe

    Salt Lake, Kolkata

    4.1 verified

    Surgy Center

    Surgy Center

    Diamond City West, Kolkata

    4.0 verified

    Fair Treatment Cost calculator is Ela's proprietary algorithm to calculate pricing for various fertility treatments in multiple locations across India.

    Salient Features of FTC Calculator Result

    Unbaised Result

    Unbaised Result

    Ela's Fair Treatment Cost makes sure that the patients receive fair treatment prices and suggestions vvhich are purely unbiased bringing the transparency in the system at no additional costs.

    Assists in Smart Decision Making

    Assists in Smart Decision Making

    It provides the user with the range of fertility treatment cost based on the success rates of the treatment which enable them to make smart and wise decision.

    Updated with Latest Pricing Structure

    Updated with Latest Pricing Structure

    It provides the user with the range of fertility treatment cost based on the success rates of the treatment which enable them to make smart and wise decision.

    Usage of Advanced  Algorithm

    Usage of Advanced Algorithm

    The prices for any fertility treatments are calculated by taking into consideration the market price of the treatment at various fertility centres and hospitals in the respective city.

    What is the success rate of IVF treatment in Kolkata?

    What is the success rate of IVF treatment in Kolkata?

    The success rate of IVF treatment in Kolkata is around 70%. The success rates of IVF treatment in Kolkata depends on several factors including stimulation protocol utilized by the fertility doctor, advanced medical technology at the hospital as well as features of andrology and IVF lab.

    Does IVF treatment always lead to twins and triplet babies?

    Does IVF treatment always lead to twins and triplet babies?

    Not necessarily. In one of the recent researches in the field of IVF procedures, 1 out of every 34 babies born from IVF treated mothers is twins or triplets. So, you can see the ratio and understand the chances of occurrence of twin or triplet pregnancy.

    Can I afford IVF treatment?

    Can I afford IVF treatment?

    Absolutely, The prices of the IVF treatment are revised and updated so that couples with different treatment budgets can easily apply for the treatment and have their own babies. Moreover, couples can also opt for Ela medical loan.

    What Our Patients are saying

    The cost of Blastocyst Transfer in Kolkata range from Rs. 10,100 to Rs. 37,100 depending on the Blastocyst Transfer doctor's experience and Blastocyst Transfer clinic location. The best Blastocyst Transfer centres in Kolkata are Woodland Hospitals and Sparsha Infertility Centre

    Facts About Blastocyst Transfer Cost in Kolkata

    After spending a lot of time on medications, ultrasound monitoring, and egg retrieval procedure, comes the final step in the In Vitro Fertilization process called as the blastocyst transfer. Blastocyst transfer is a development stage in the process of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), which involves the placement of an embryo into the uterus of a woman for helping her in achieving pregnancy. Blastocyst transfer is the final step in the process of In Vitro Fertilization and thus the phase is full of anxiety and stress. After the placement of an embryo into the uterus, another major thing, which must happen, is the Embryo Implantation. The Embryo is placed into the uterus of a woman but implantation occurs naturally when the embryo is attached to the uterine lining. The embryo implantation occurs usually one to five days post embryo transfer. The embryo is transferred five to six days after blastocyst stage or follicular aspiration. The entire procedure of Blastocyst Transfer is completed in the time of four to five days.

    Who needs Blastocyst Transfer

    Blastocyst Transfer is recommended to couples and singles in the following cases:

    • Fallopian tubes damage: Blastocyst transfer is recommended to the couples and singles when the fallopian tubes are damaged. You need to know that if the fallopian tubes are damaged, then it becomes difficult for the sperms to reach the eggs for fertilization and even if the fertilization occurs, the transport of the embryo to the womb becomes difficult
    • Ovulation problems: Untimely ovulation cycle is one of the major setbacks in having a successful pregnancy in a natural manner. If the ovulation of a woman is not regular, then it becomes difficult for the doctor to track it. Here, Blastocyst Transfer is recommended
    • Uterine Fibroids: The uterine fibroids are the ones, which are present in the uterus of the woman and make it difficult for the embryos to implant in the uterus. This hinders the chances of successful pregnancy

    Blastocyst transfer is also advised in cases of Genetic Disorders, Endometriosis, and Impaired Sperm Production.

    Blastocyst Transfer Cost in Kolkata

    The Blastocyst Transfer cost in Kolkata ranges between Rs.10142.4 to Rs.17715.39. The Blastocyst Transfer cost in Kolkata with good and fair success rates varies from Rs.17174.46 and Rs.30156.74 and Rs.29615.81 and Rs.37188.8 respectively. The cost depends on various factors such as qualification of the doctor, location of the IVF centre in Kolkata, success rates of the fertility doctors and infrastructure of the fertility clinics in Kolkata.

    Cost of In Vitro Fertilization vs. Blastocyst Transfer Cost in Kolkata

    With the introduction of Blastocyst Transfer in IVF, the chances of a successful pregnancy increase manifold. This leads to increased price with the improved results of the IVF treatment. Blastocyst transfer is an additional cost to IVF, which might vary.

    Chances of formation of Twin Babies

    Twin babies are formed when a fertilized egg, which is, also known as ovum divides into two parts. This happens in the case of identical twins. When fraternal twins are considered, then two eggs are fertilized by two sperms, which lead to the formation of two embryos.

    Blastocyst Transfer Success Rates

    The success rates of blastocyst transfer depend on several distinctive factors. Women develop chromosomal abnormalities after a certain age due to which the implantation success rates are reduced. The other factors that affect the blastocyst success rates are:

    • Quality of embryo
    • Recipient woman’s uterus
    • Poor egg quality

    If you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned problems, you can contact elawoman.com to overcome the problem of infertility. The causes of above mentioned are many like hormonal disorders, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, issues with the endometrial lining and autoimmune problems. All of these disorders and fertility related issues can be treated at the IVF centres in Kolkata. You can book an appointment at elawoman.com to find the best fertility centre in Kolkata.

    Benefits of Blastocyst Transfer

    The placement of blastocyst directly into the highly receptive womb on day fifth or sixth-day follicular aspiration can have more success rates of embryo implantation than that of a non-IVF reproduction. Transferring blastocysts is a direct method for successful implantation. As per the studies, women at the age of 30 have more success rates, say 40-50 percent whereas women who have crossed the age of 35 have fewer chances of successful conception.

    Disadvantages of Blastocyst Transfer

    One disadvantage is that for women who have crossed 35 years of age, there are fewer chances of achieving pregnancy. Other side effects may include:

    1. Multiple pregnancies
    2. Miscarriage
    3. Bloating
    4. Fatigue
    5. Depression
    6. Birth defects
    7. Side effects of estrogen and progesterone medication
    8. Pelvic discomfort

    Some of the IVF centres in Kolkata facilitate Blastocyst culturing that can increase the blastocyst transfer cost in Kolkata.

    Precautions after Blastocyst Transfer

    In the initial first two weeks, the first important thing doctors suggest is to keep calm and stress-free and wait for a positive outcome. Doctors also recommend plenty of sleep for the patient, to avoid consumption of harmful substances, like caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco. Vigorous exercise and sexual intercourse are recommended to be avoided during this time, to prevent any complications or infections. Healthy and balanced diet is prescribed by the fertility doctors in Kolkata. For better results and proper diet suitable for your health, you can contact elawoman.com to get help in finding the best dietician for you so that you may have proper diet. At Ela, we also provide counseling sessions where you can get the best advice for your next step and for complete emotional support during this anxious period.

    Why Ela?

    You are not alone in the journey of parenthood. Elawoman is always there for your support and guidance at each step. At Ela, we understand that going through this phase is not easy and our support and guidance can make it easy. In case of any query regarding fertility treatment, feel free to visit elawoman.com .