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For Instant Booking please call +91 8929020600

Benefits of Finding  a Surrogate Mother with Ela

For Instant Booking please call +91 8929020600

Surrogacy Process for Intended Patients

Please check out the process of surrogacy for intended parents and begin your beautiful journey of parenthood !

*Note: You ­­are not charged at any step by Ela. The payment is all inclusive and directly made to the surrogacy centre.

Disadvantages of Selecting a Surrogate by Yourself

It could be complicated, especially for intended parents to find the right surrogate mother on their own. Going through the screening process, making the legal arrangements, and the most important, having your rights protected over the baby. Ever after investing all of their time and effort, intended parents still get confused about the perfect surrogate match.

For this reason, Ela comes into the picture. Being one of the world’s trustworthy surrogate agencies, Ela not only helps in connect you looking for surrogate mothers with the best possible match but also takes care of all the legalities between both the parties.

What people are saying

Sadhna Gupta, Delhi
I am really thankful to Ela as they helped us in finding a surrogate mother for us who matched our requirements. They also took care of all the legal aspects and we focused completely on our treatment just because of them.
Ashiya Saxena, Mumbai
We were trying for last 12 years. A friend recommended Ela and Ela helped me in identifying the core issue, we as a coupe faced. We now have a boy. With Ela you will always find the best surrogacy doctor at lowest cost with best possible services.
Raj Khurana, Bangalore
My wife had uterus removal surgery due to some infection back in 2012. Our dreams of becoming parents were shattered. But Ela came to us a rescue and arranged a surrogate mother for us. Now, we will be having our own baby with the help of surrogacy soon.
Kashika Bhattacharya, Kolkata
Ela services are really reliable and quick. They arranged a surrogate mother for us in a short period of time. Moreover, they also provide loan facilities for surrogacy. I must say, surrogacy with Ela is cost effective and economical.

Want a Surrogate Mother? Look Out For These Qualities

Ela makes sure that a chosen surrogate mother is the perfect candidate for surrogacy. Every surrogate must fulfill below mentioned criteria to be eligible as a gestational carrier.

For Instant Booking Please call +91 8929020600
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