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    Fund Your Treatment

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    Note: Ela doesn't charge any thing for its Services to its patients and all our services are FREE and Transparent. *T&C Apply
    Fertility Financing

    Ela Loan specializes in providing patient financing services for all fertility treatment options. Our easy, convenient loan process and competitive rates through our partners ensures that the financial aspects of treatment are not an obstacle to achieving your dream of a family. Your financial score may determine what kind of health care partner fits you and what kind of fertility tests are covered, but our team makes sure that you have all the options at hand at the best possible rates. You can also explore low-cost EMIs for providing finance to IVF and also to Surrogacy patients.

    Please contact our Loan department for more details at

    Each loan program based on Patient history and Credit Score is designed to fit your individual circumstances and once approved, our Fertility Loan Specialist will work closely with our Partners to ensure the funds are secured prior to the commencement of your treatment.

    Ela Finance
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      Specialists in Fertility Financing

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      Personal Attention

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      Competitive Rates

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      Easy step by step application

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      100% Secure

    Pre-Approval With in 24 Hours

    Flexible Terms

    Highest Confidentiality

    Retain your existing credit

    Our Partners
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    What people are saying

    Lokesh Joshi
    Due to financial constraints, we were not able to get IVF treatment. Ela Loan helped us in fulfilling our dream without draining our savings. It was a good experience.
    Onik Chakroborty
    We received various repayment options with Ela Loan and this ensured that we get the required amount of treatment expenses in the form of loan. Thanks team Ela!
    Urvashi Sahay
    Hi! I am Urvashi! The approval time of Ela loan is very fast which prevented us from missing our IVF treatment. Today I am 3 months pregnant. Thanks to Ela Finance team!
    Sireesha Lamba
    When we contacted Ela for medical loan, we received personalized attention without getting off the track from our pregnancy goal. Thanks Ela for such a fine experience.

    Ela Finance and Loan

    Ela has many loan partners, which provides medical loans in very short span of time so that you can start with your treatment right away. You need to submit your required documents and if your loan is approved, the amount is disbursed within 24 hours.

    Can I get medical loans from Ela?

    Yes. In fact you can get instant medical loans from Ela. The process is very fast and smooth. You just need to file an online application to request for loan. The entire process is paperless and digitally approved.

    How much time does the process take?

    Once you submit your documents, they are analyzed to calculate your credit score. If you fulfil the desired criteria, the loan disbursement process is started and it takes next 24-48 to receive the loan amount.

    What should be my age limit?

    In order to be eligible for loan request, your age must be in between 21 to 55.

    What are the documents required to be submitted?

    You need to submit the following documents for the fast approval of your loan application:

    • Aadhar Card
    • Pan Card
    • Last 6 months bank statements
    • 3 months salaried slip (if salaried)

    What is the maximum loan amount that can be sanctioned to an individual?

    The maximum amount of medical loan that can be sanctioned to an individual is Rs. 10 lakhs. Sometimes for surrogacy treatment, an individual may require higher medical loan.

    Can I use medical loans for fertility treatments?

    Yes. Medical loans can be used for any of the fertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, Surrogacy, TESA, Laparoscopy, IVF with donor egg etc. Infact medical loans can also be utilized for medical expenses associated with diagnostic tests, medicines and consumables during treatment.

    In what time do I need to repay the complete loan amount?

    The maximum tenure to pay the entire loan amount is 60 months i.e 5 years. You can easily repay the loan amount in flexible EMIs. But the maximum duration is 5 years. So, the EMI depends on your tenure as well as loan amount.

    What is the rate of interest on the loan?

    The rate of interest for loan may start at 0% for you. If you are not a defaulter in the past and your CIBIL score is impressive, then your interest rate is always on the lower side.