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    Women Health (3 Videos )

    What are the different aspects of Menstrual Cycle?

    Menstrual Cycle is an important part of the female’s body. Several body activities in a woman are closely associated with the menstrual cycle. Menstruation, most popularly known as Periods is the monthly event which occurs in a woman for few decades of her life. When a woman is not pregnant, then the inner lining of the uterus of a woman sheds off during periods and this is known as menstruation. The bleeding which takes place during the menses varies from around 3-5 days. The menstrual cycle is counted as per the 28 day period. Day 1 is the first day of menstruation. After the menstruation ends, the cycle proceeds towards the ovulation step which lies in the middle of the menstrual cycle. The egg which is formed after the ovulation can get fertilized or dissolve. In case of fertilization, pregnancy occurs. If pregnancy does not occur, then the eggs get dissolved and leads to monthly periods. When there is no pregnancy, the menstrual cycle starts again with the menstruation or periods. In this way, menstrual cycle determines the occurrence of menstruation or pregnancy.


    Sexual pain in women or dispareunia

    Female sexual genital pain is a condition when a woman experiences pain during sexual intercourse. Chronic genital pain can be the result of pain signal in body that appears to be stuck in an ‘on position’ while Provoked genital pain can be the type of pain that is felt by nerves that feel pain and then send the signals to the brain cells where the pain signals are amplified in an inappropriate manner. Treating genital sexual pain could mean disrupting pain by practicing meditation, deep breathing or mindfulness. It can also be treated by applying ice or ointment at the site of the pain that is the other way of disrupting the pain signals. A person experiencing sexual genital pain can try to overcome the pain psychologically by learning to manage the pain. For example if one feels pain while indulging in sexual intercourse they need to stop right away because of the fact that every time painful sex is performed, the psychological bond between pain and sex gets strengthened. It is advised to look for non painful ways to enjoy sexual or sensual intimacy which can be then directed to more of non penetrative sexual activities. It could mean showing inclination towards sensual or emotional intimacy.


    Regular Health Exams and Test for Early Detection of Women's Health Issues

    Regular health checkups for women assure early detection of health problems and diseases which can be treated with more accuracy. It could also mean finding out certain dangerous conditions before they can actually start like in case of cervical cancer thereby improving the chances of healing. A woman needs some special exams and screening. During a pelvic exam, which is the examining of the pelvic organs, a physician tries to check if the internal organs are fine by feeling their size and shape. A Pap smear test is a test that is used to check for cancer of the cervix (opening to a woman’s uterus). Tissue sample is scraped and taken out from the cervix in order to be prepared for examining under a microscope. These cells are studied for any abnormalities to rule out cancer. A clinical breast exam allows a doctor to see signs of breast cancer in a woman. It is done by feeling breasts to check for lumps or any significant growth in the breast region. Breasts are observed by looking at them to see any changes in size or shape. There are other tests as well that can be suggested by a doctor like mammogram or HPV (Human Papillomavirus), the virus that causes cervical cancer.