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    Surrogacy (4 Videos )

    What does it mean by Surrogacy?

    Surrogacy is the procedure in which the couple decides to take assistance of the surrogate to conceive a baby. Here, the pregnancy is conceived and supported by a third person who is the surrogate mother. The procedure of Surrogacy is an extensive one and requires the couple to know the details of the procedure before starting with the same. If a couple is unable to build a family, then it becomes a stressful condition for them. This makes them get stressed and go for ways such as adoption. But surrogacy is the procedure which can help couples to have their babies who will be biologically linked to them. Also, the surrogate mother does not have any legal rights on the baby. This offers a peace of mind for the couple who decides to go with the procedure. With the help of the expert surrogacy doctors, the surrogacy treatment is executed successfully. The surrogate mother carries the baby for a duration of around nine months. The different aspects of the Surrogacy procedure need to be understood properly before opting for this third party medical reproduction procedure.


    The Process of Surrogacy

    Surrogacy procedure is a last resort for the couples who want to have their own babies but cannot have it naturally or with the assistance of the infertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, or other additional infertility procedures. Surrogacy is considered as one of the viable options for couples who do not want to opt for the medical solutions such as Adoption or even Egg Donation. In the process of surrogacy, the surrogate mother agrees to conceive and carry the baby for the entire duration of pregnancy. The surrogate needs to pass certain criteria which involve lifestyle, medical history as well as past pregnancies (if any). Once the matching of the surrogate is done with the intended parents, the required legal formalities are performed to keep every detail transparent between both the parties. Financial aspects of the procedure need to be kept in mind before proceeding with the surrogacy procedure. Once the pregnancy is achieved, the surrogate and the intended parents coordinate with the assistance of the fertility centre to have a successful growth of the baby and eventual birth of the baby.


    Surrogate Mother Requirements for Surrogacy

    Every woman who wants to become a surrogate mother needs to understand certain elements of the procedure to make sure that she herself does not face any problems with the surrogacy procedure. Some of the requirements of surrogate mother in the procedure are that she needs to age in between 18 to 40 years. Also, the woman needs to have at least one successful pregnancy which has lead to birth of the baby. Women need to keep in mind that they must work with only quality surrogacy agencies and hospitals to avoid falling in illegal traps. The individual who is interested in becoming a surrogate mother needs to undergo medical tests to check for the medical disorders or drug abuse. Antidepressants usage is advised to be avoided, if you are planning to become a surrogate mother. A woman needs to be proactive with the medical appointments for smooth progression of the surrogacy procedure. One of the most important aspects of surrogacy procedure is to know that the respective woman is eligible to take part in the surrogacy procedure with the role of surrogate mother.


    Choosing a surrogate

    India allows only altruistic surrogacy at present which means the surrogate mother should be a family member or a friend to the intended parents. In this kind of setup, a surrogate mother doesn't receive any type of compensation as the act of being the surrogate is completely based on the noble intentions of helping someone create their family. Choosing a surrogate can be done by being observant and informed about the requirements of surrogacy. It is of foremost important to see that the surrogate is a healthy woman. She should be typically under 38 years of age. The surrogate that you choose should have had complication-free pregnancies in past. She should also be a non obese person to avoid complications during pregnancy. It has to be considered that the living environment and support system has to be strong which means having a supportive and understanding family. It is important to see that the surrogate has a healthy living environment. She should have a great bonding with the parents as well.