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    Pregnancy (3 Videos )

    Know about Fetal Development in Pregnant Week by Week

    Fetal development during pregnancy period is a crucial event for healthy delivery of the baby. In the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, the blood supply in the baby starts and the formation of head and face also begins at the right pace. During this period, a home pregnancy test is useful for the couples who want to confirm presence of pregnancy. In the 8 weeks of pregnancy, the hands and legs of the babies start forming. In the 12 weeks of pregnancy, the baby movement begins and is evident in the ultrasound to some extent. The baby’s eyes start blinking during the 16 week duration of pregnancy and the heart also starts functioning during this time period. During the 5 months or 20 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant woman can feel the baby kicking in the womb. The ultrasound is taken during the 20 weeks of pregnancy. This ultrasound is mandatory for women during their pregnancy. In ultrasound, the baby’s heartbeat and body movements can be seen clearly to understand the progress of the baby’s growth in the womb. Pregnant women are also advised to take antenatal classes as the due delivery date of the pregnancy approaches. Most of the babies are delivered around 42 weeks to ensure that the health of the baby and mother are at the optimum level.


    Normal Delivery Procedure Steps

    Normal vaginal delivery is the most ancient type of delivery procedure. Normal delivery involves a period of labor which usually lasts from 12 to 19 hours. After this the position of the baby shift as the pelvic area of the pregnant woman starts contracting and preparing itself for the delivery procedure. The pregnant woman can feel strong contractions in a gap of 20 to 25 minutes. One might also feel that the mucus plug is getting removed or the water breaks. The doctor must be immediately contacted in case of occurrence of such symptoms. The baby’s moves towards the birth canal and the head of the baby directs towards the cervix. The baby is then pushed as the labor occurs. The doctor first pulls out the baby and if required the circumference of the vagina is also widened. The baby is taken out with the assistance of proper directioning so that the baby does not face any kind of injuries at the time of the delivery procedure. This leads to the birth of the baby with the normal vaginal delivery procedure.


    Know about the importance of Prenatal Classes

    Prenatal classes form an important part of pregnancy especially in case of women who are pregnant with their first child. Prenatal classes are usually recommended to be taken in between 28 weeks to 32 weeks. Participating and learning in prenatal classes are essential to have a smooth experience during the delivery time as well. Prenatal classes help pregnant women to relax and learn about different phases of delivery procedure. This eases the pain and keeps her prepared with the possibilities during the time of normal or cesarean delivery procedures. A pregnant woman never knows when she will have labor pain and give birth to her baby. If a pregnant woman gets trained in advanced with the right antenatal classes, then it becomes much easier for her to face and deal with the unexpected situations which might arrive at the end of the pregnancy. In this way, if you are progressing towards the predicted due date for the delivery procedure. Thus, prenatal classes prove to be useful for pregnant women in different effective ways.