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    Male Fertility (3 Videos )

    What are the symptoms of low sperm count?

    Low sperm count in men turn to be one of the most problematic cases if a couple is trying for a baby without any success. The genetic issues in men lead to low sperm count in most of the individuals. One of the primary symptoms for low sperm count is lack of occurrence of pregnancy for more than one year of unprotected sex. Even men with low sperm count will experience low sex drive as well as trouble in achievement and maintenance of erection at the time of sex. These men also have lower testosterone levels in the body. Low testosterone levels also lead to evident mood changes in men who have low sperm count. Men also experience low energy throughout the day and feel tiredness during most of the physical activities in the daily life. Bone related health condition also gets common in most of the men who have reduced sperm count. In some of the men, hot flashes and profuse sweating is also common. Such men also have increased levels of estrogen levels which leads to increase in the chest size which grows in the form of females.


    How is Male Infertility Found Out? Top Foods to Increase Male Fertility (New Title)

    Male infertility can be detected using one important test called as Semen Analysis. The test reveals about the vital information of sperms found in a man’s semen. It informs about the different aspects of sperms like sperm count, motility and shape. Decreasing sperm count can be treated by selective eating. 7 powerful foods that have innumerable health benefits including the ability to boost sperm count in men. Spinach contains folate important in the development of healthy sperms. Asparagus is rich in vitamin C and helps protecting cells in testis and inhibits free radicals to give rise to healthy sperms. Broccoli can increase sperm count by as high as 77%. Rich in vitamin AB and C, and enzyme bromelain, bananas fight inflammation and enhance sperm count. Pomegranates deter free radicals that may destroy semen and decrease sperm count. Omega 3 fatty acids and arginine present in walnuts boost blood flow to the testicles and enhance sperm count. It also helps removing toxins from bloodstream. Foods that are high on Zinc like barley, beans and red meat can improve sperm count and motility. So intake of 15 mg of zinc is a healthy quantity on a daily basis.


    Causes of male infertility

    Male infertility is caused by abnormal variations in sperm cells that are highly susceptible to get affected under changing conditions of pressure, temperature, hormonal levels, obesity and stress. The factors can affect motility of sperms that is the way they move and progress. Obesity can bring about changes in sperm count, motility and morphology as excessive fat converts testosterone into estrogen. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential as even lesser weight can also be the reason of disturbance in sperm cells. Testicular heating is another factor that can interfere with the sperm quality. Wearing tight underwear, using laptops on lap or even prolonged stay in a hot bath tub can affect sperm quality. Fever, caused by various factors, can also lead to temporarily decreased sperm count that is eventually restored back with time. Smoking can bring in the risk of erectile dysfunction and in addition to that it affects sperm count, motility and morphology as well. Intake of excessive alcohol and coffee is harmful to sperms. Use of mobile phones may have an adverse effect on sperm count and that is the reason it should be kept away from testicles. Apart from these, stress, drugs and chemicals and toxins present in the environment have a degenerating effect on sperms.