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Ela is the world’s best Fertility and Reproductive Health Tracker App with features into Period Calculator, Ovulation Calculator, Fertility Tracking, Patient Health Community, Know More Articles as well as Fertility Health Log facilities.
Ela - Your Fertility Friend
Ela, through its patented technology, helps women learn all about their fertility, ovulation, period, chances to conceive and medication in in order to Plan or Avoid Pregnancy
The best Women Ovulation App

Ela has been ranked as world’s best Women Ovulation Tracking Appwith an accuracy of 98.7%. Since its inception, Ela has had over 18,700 successful cases on its App where couples have been able to conceive within just 3 months of trying.
The strongest Women Centric Community

Ela is already driving 1.2 million threads on its community helping more than 250 thousand couples across the globe to build the largest online community to help and engage those who are tracking fertility and reproduction.
Ela Features
Ela also allows you to sync your fertility health data with wearable devices including FitBit and Google Fit
Fertility Tracker
Accurate period and ovulation tracker based on machine learning data techniques.
Ovulation Calculator
Fertility calculator app with an inbuilt ‘My Ovulation Calculator’ with ovulation chart backed by patented data algorithm.
Best Day Prediction
Find the best days and fertile period to plan pregnancy with the most accurate fertility prediction in the industry.
Avoid Pregnancy
With Ela ovulation tracker, now you can easily avoid pregnancy simply by using the fertility prediction and knowing the days to avoid.
Ela Community
With Ela Community, share and discuss your experiences and ask questions with people having similar experiences that too at a global level.
Ela Fertility Services
Find the best fertility Clinics, Gynecologists, Infertility Specialists, Fertility related Medication, Products and fertility Experts in your city.
Ela Offers
Ela understands the importance of reproductive health of couples. Through Ela App, it allows women to track menstrual cycle with a Cycle Calendar facility where she can mark and edit periods to track for fertility window, ovulation days and health log. Moreover they can invite their Male Partners to join their way to improved reproductive health.
  1. Best Days to Conceive or Avoid
  2. Most accurate Fertility Prediction
  3. Share Experiences and ask Questions
  4. View Past and Future cycle dataon the Fly
  5. Take complete control of fertility with Ela-Premium
  6. Connect with a fertility specialist at just a tap
  7. Stay updated with Latest on Fertility Trends and Boosters
App Reviews
Read what our happy customers are saying
Gracie Lewis
I love this App. Really very helpful and easy to track ovulation and menstrual health. Very happy with the insights it has to offer. I still use it even after my first baby because you never know when you need to plan for the second.
Mia Young
Really like the app features, especially the fertile window tracking and the health log. Great app into women fertility and periods. I love the interface and the services available. Thumbs up folks, you are working great!
Assam Avengers
It’s an amazing app for couples tying to conceive.Most women are not aware of their personal secrets, which this app helps to reveal. Thanks to Ela team for developing such a wonderful app and helping us conceive our first baby.
Best in Class Accuracy
Ela through its patented technology and over a million data points ever hour, is endowed with best features and highest accuracy in the industry; to provide you a fulfilling experience while tracking your fertility health.
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