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    Ela is the largest healthcare platforms to support Egg Donors:

    • Find best quality donor eggs for infertility treatments from finest and eligible egg donors
    • Most affordable arrangement of donor eggs
    • All legal and transparent procedures practiced at the recommended infertility centres

    Contact EGG Donor Co-ordinator

    Note: Ela doesn't charge any thing for its Services to its patients and all our services are FREE and Transparent. *T&C Apply
    To get new Egg Donor’s profile contact the Ela Egg Donor Coordinator

    Egg Donation

    Egg donation is one of the most commonly recommended and utilized Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) which has become widely accepted all over India and different other parts of the world. Egg donation is the process where eggs are donated from the donor to the infertile female partner. This helps couples to build a healthy family. Infertility is a common issue which has touched or affected many of the blessed couples turning their lives into sorrows. Infertility or sterility can occur due to several causes that may include your lifestyle, addiction of any drugs, drinking or smoking habit, excess workout, overweight, and underweight. According to the latest data of infertility, it is known that one out of ten couples have been affected by this condition. To further surprise, it is found that one out of four women wishes for having a baby and find it difficult to conceive due to several issues. As per a WHO evaluation which revealed DHS data, it was mentioned that more than 186 million married women find difficulty in conceiving with success. Even if you are in the circle of infertility group and not able to become a parent, then you don't have to carry any kind of sorrows and grudges in your life. This is because many of the infertility treatments, and methods have been introduced by the ART specialists’ clinics and hospitals.

    Basics of Egg Donation procedure:

    ART is the combination of latest and advanced fertility treatments, which untangles and treats any fertility issues of couples. One of the leading and top range methods associated with infertility medicine is that of Egg Donation. Egg donation also forms one of the important parts of the third-party reproduction where sperm donation and embryo donation are the other types. Ela helps in finding egg contributors from India and abroad countries as well. The choice of the infertile couples is taken into consideration at the time of the finalizing about choosing one particular egg donor for their respective infertility treatment. Proper verification of the donor profiles is maintained to make sure that patients receive timely verification. Interested individuals or couples can get a complete rundown of currently accessible givers to choose one for you. Fundamentally, the patient is allowed to communicate with us via different modes of communication including email, calls, and online chat modes. Donor sperm and ‘richness medications’ utilizing benefactor sperm might be acquired at a sperm bank or ripeness center. Here, the beneficiary may choose benefactor sperm on the premise of the giver’s attributes, for example, looks, identity, scholarly capacity, race, and numerous different elements.

    Who can be an egg donor?

    Prospective egg donor needs to follow the following eligibility criteria:

    • Young (less than 30 years old)
    • Educated
    • Healthy (must have tested negative for the presence of any kind of health-related ailments)
    • Preferably have proven their fertility (by having had at least one baby)

    Women who have had a tubal ligation ( operation) are also eligible, as are those who have an IUD in place in their body.

    You will need to undergo certain important tests. This includes HIV, HBsAg, and VDRL (Venereal Disease Research Laboratory test) to name a few. You will need to take daily injections for about 10 days and will need to come for routine scans to the clinic for about 4-5 times as guided by the infertility specialist. Donating eggs will not harm your future fertility or affect your health. If you have any kind of queries, then you can talk to an infertility specialist and get to know the best for your health. Accordingly, you can proceed with the egg donation process.

    Ways of obtaining donor eggs:

    Here are some of the most commonly practiced ways of obtaining donor eggs. The infertility specialists prefer to choose any one of these effective methods to get quality eggs for their infertility treatments.

    In this way, infertile couples can take assistance of different types of egg donation programs to ensure that they have a smooth experience during their infertility treatment.

    Who needs an Egg Donor for infertility treatments?

    Every medical treatment is recommended based on the health condition and present health status of the patient. You can go ahead with the infertility treatments along with associated medical procedures. Egg donors are required in the infertility treatments in the following cases:

    • Past failures of IVF treatments is one of the key reasons which tend to motivate couples to go for donor egg options.
    • Donor eggs are also recommended to women who are diagnosed with conditions such as Premature Ovarian Failure. Such medical conditions lead to the occurrence of early menopause like conditions in the respective women.
    • Nowadays, diminished ovarian reserve is one of the most commonly prevailing women-based conditions. This has majorly impacted the overall health of the concerned women. If a woman is aged over 40 years, then it's quite common to have diminished ovarian reserve these days. Here, the infertility procedures performed to have a baby for women who are unable to conceive a baby with success.
    • There are some cases in which women are diagnosed with genetic diseases and conditions. In such cases, women are recommended to go for donor eggs. This ensures that the babies born with the pregnancies are not affected by those genetic conditions.

    What Information you give Egg Donor Profiles?

    Our comprehensive pre-screening process starts with an extensive personal interview. Then potential donors have a complete physical by a board-certified IVF Specialist, followed by a thorough one-on-one psychosocial evaluation.

    An in-depth personal and medical donor profile is examined at the centre after consulting the IVF specialist:

    • Personal characteristics
    • General health history
    • Reproductive health history
    • Extended family profile

    Get Free Consultation!

    Note: Ela doesn't charge any thing for its Services to its patients and all our services are FREE and Transparent. *T&C Apply

    Egg Donor’s Personal Characteristics:

    During the personal interview process, we evaluate potential donors for their level of maturity, personal integrity, personality traits, lifestyle choices, interests, goals, values, relationships, and overall accomplishments. We examine donor motivation, willingness, and commitment. This rigorous evaluation of the donor gives you the most complete and meaningful picture possible in your search for the perfect match:


    In addition to their age and marital status, each candidate provides complete information on their physical characteristics. This includes height, weight, hair color, and quality, body type, complexion. Some of the later recognized features includes birthmarks, moles, and dimples. We request childhood, adult, and family photos covering three generations (when available). Donors are also expected to give other crucial details such as key information, including sexual orientation, ethnicity, and religious practices.


    Donors rate their math, mechanical, athletic, musical, and artistic aptitude. They list their favorite sports, music, foods, and color, pets, and travel destinations. Multilingual ability, special talents and hobbies are also declared for couples who are searching for similar egg donors.

    Motivation to become a donor

    Candidates’ motivation for becoming an egg donor are explored. Donors are asked how their family feels about their donation, how their specific culture perceives egg donation, and if they have a personal emotional support system. It is made sure that each candidate is completely comfortable with the moral and ethical aspects of their donation, to assure their utmost compliance throughout the process of egg donation. The fact that most of our donors participate in the program more than once is a direct result of our individualized attention, care, and counseling. Ela ensures that the egg donors are guided well at the right time to avoid any kind of confusion.

    Educational/Professional Background

    Each candidate supplies thorough educational and professional background information on themselves. This includes degrees attained, results of intelligence testing such as Grade Point Averages, SAT scores, and other aptitude assessments. Additional intelligence and personality tests are available upon request.

    Egg Donor Profile

    Ela has extensive Egg Donor Database of Egg Donors with Detailed Report and Photos Once we receive your email request with contact details for egg donation we will share with you our egg donor database, you will be able to choose reviewing the list of donors with pictures.

    Offering one of the largest egg donation databases programs in India, our IVF specialists keep a very high standard for egg donor screening. Besides genetic, medical, and sexually transmitted disease screening potential egg donors also undergo a most elaborate social and psychological screening which includes personality and attitude assessment, and an in depth interview for motives and personal background. Only egg donors who have completed this process have been added to our list of egg donors.

    Listed below are sample donor profiles.

    Ela Assurance

    All our Surrogates have undergone the below screening tests. This would surely increase the chances for success of your parenthood.

    Procedure for Egg Donation:

    Egg donation comes in ART method. The individual who donates eggs plays a significant role in the entire process of Egg Donation. This is because, without healthy and quality eggs, fertilization can’t be achieved. Therefore, we can say that the whole procedure is all about Egg donor. In this process, fertility experts start to provide medication to the egg donor to produce multiple eggs at the time of ovulation. Once the eggs are matured enough, it is retrieved by the fertility experts with the help of a medical needle. When the eggs are retrieved, they are kept in a culture dish for fertilization with the male partner’s sperms. After 3-4 days of fertilization, a combination of sperms and eggs turns into an embryo. This embryo is inserted to the female partner’s uterus under the guidance of the infertility specialist. Picking up of the eggs takes 30-35 minutes and soon the egg donor is discharged from the clinic or hospital on the same day after the completion of the procedure. It is the plus point of this process that Egg Donor can easily return to her daily routine after donating her eggs. Once eggs are obtained, the role of the egg donor is complete. There is no specific complication in donating the eggs. But there are certain eligibility criteria before selecting Egg Donor. There are certain medical and blood tests are carried out before the final procedure of Egg donation, because selecting egg donor is not a one-step task and requires a series of steps. The matching of the egg donor along with woman who is going to become the recipient of the donor egg. The egg donors are also asked to attend counseling sessions such that they receive the right guidance during the respective procedure especially before they are considered for the donation process. Also, these counseling sessions help in ensuring that timely checkup is done along with pregnancy tests. Couples and individuals can also take assistance of the frozen donor egg programs to make their procedure a successful one.

    What Our Patients are saying


    Q 1. What is the minimum age for being an egg donor?

    A. You should be between 20 and 30 years of age and be married.

    Q 2. Are there any risks to being an egg donor?

    A. In a good clinic which monitors you carefully, the risk of egg donation is negligible.

    Q 3. What is superovulation? Does it really need to be done?

    A. Many egg donors are understandably reluctant to take injections when donating their eggs ! "I am young, healthy and fertile, so why do I need to take injections. Can't we just donate the one egg I grow every month" is a common question. Superovulation forms the heart of modern IVF. We use medications to help you grow more eggs. Every month you start to grow about 30-40 follicles, but in a natural cycle, most of these undergo atresia (die). This makes only one follicle mature every month. This is the normal rate of maturation of the follicles in women. With the help of medications, follicles are rescued successfully which would otherwise have died, so that it can be grown into several mature eggs in one cycle. You must grow a certain number of eggs as this allows the infertility specialist to create many embryos in the IVF lab, thus increasing the chances of success of a pregnancy.

    Q 4. How many eggs will be taken from me?

    A. On average, egg donors grow between 8 to 16 mature eggs every time they donate their eggs.

    Q 5. Will I need my husband's permission for becoming an egg donor?

    A. Yes. Every potential egg donor needs to ensure that her partner is fine with her decision of donating her eggs to help a couple have a baby. We make sure that egg donors and their husbands are counseled well before they proceed with the egg donation procedure. Ela has established itself as a digital healthcare platform. Ela serves its patients with the basic to advanced infertility treatments. These treatments are also combined with additional infertility procedures and surgeries. Additional medical procedures such as egg donation procedures significantly contribute to improving the success rates of the respective chosen procedures. You will find some of the most crucial information about infertility specialists on our website and blog. If you are planning to go for infertility treatments with the assistance of additional medical procedures, then you can also contact our team at Our infertility experts will guide you with the best infertility treatment solutions along with tips to know about the required measures one must take right from the start of the infertility treatments.