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Cuttack Laparoscopic Hospital - Badambadi
Gynecology/Obstetrics and Infertility Clinic

Badambadi New LIC Colony | Cuttack

Rating 2.7 1 vote(s)

    • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) Cost: - Rs. 10,000
    • In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Cost: - Rs. 120,000
  • InFertility Assessment & Treatment, Gynecology / Obstetrics, gynae laparoscopic surgery

Infertility Solutions at Test Tube Baby Centres in Cuttack

Modern day lifestyle is responsible for several health problems including infertility. The rising numbers of infertility issues in both men and women have raised a prominent challenge to conceive. It has become one of the most common problems perceived by gynecologists and faced by couples across the globe. To provide an appropriate solution for all kinds of infertility issues and help infertile couples become parents, test tube baby centres in Cuttack have shown outstanding performance to deal with the factors that obstruct couples from achieving the goal of parenthood.

Test tube baby centres in Cuttack, have been working towards achieving higher birth rates from the past decade. With most advanced medical technologies, state-of-the-art infrastructure and personalized care, they are supported by nationally recognized infertility specialists who work closely with patients to come up with specific fertility solutions to optimize the chances of pregnancy. The excellent patient-centered care and fertility breakthroughs result in high success rates.

Test tube baby centres in Cuttack are trying to make the best infertility treatments accessible and affordable to a larger segment of the population and they have significantly improved the outcome of IVF cycles. Test tube baby centres in Cuttack have eventually become the center of attraction for numerous hopeless couples.

Test Tube Baby

Test-tube baby is the result of successful human reproduction from methods that involves fertilization of eggs with sperms in a specialized lab. It refers to a baby that is conceived outside the women’s body by a scientific process known as In-Vitro fertilization or IVF treatment. In this process, eggs are taken from mother’s ovary and fertilized by sperms taken from father’s semen sample.

The fertilized egg is cultured for two to six days and allowed to grow till the blastocyst stage. Once, fertilized, the egg is transferred back to the mother’s uterus where it is placed to develop normally, this is done with the intention to establish a successful pregnancy. The procedure has greatly helped women as well as men with infertility problems that are untreatable to give birth to healthy babies.

There are two types of IVF treatments in terms of medication and stimulating drugs:

  1. Natural: The eggs are procured from the woman’s fallopian tubes during natural ovulation cycle. During natural IVF fertilization, the eggs are allowed to fertilize naturally or in male infertility cases, the sperms are injected directly into eggs.
  2. Mild:Fertility drugs are used to stimulate ovaries and produce eggs. These drugs may sometimes cause hormone imbalances which can affect the process.

IVF Procedure in Tube Baby Centres in Cuttack

IVF process in tube baby centres in Cuttack is usually performed under five steps which are explained below.

  1. Ovarian Stimulation:Before the egg retrieval process begins, a woman is prescribed injectable hormones of GnRHa and gonadotrophins to stimulate the growth and maturation of the follicles inside her ovaries. This encourages the production of eggs. Egg or follicular stimulation is guided by transvaginal ultrasound to examine ovaries. Other methods are used to test blood samples and to determine the level of hormones and maturation of eggs. Depending upon the patient's response, injection of HCG is given 36 hours before egg collection. The fertility specialist keeps track of the timing of egg release. The concerned doctor makes sure hormonal levels and other conditions for IVF are normal before egg retrieval.
  2. Egg retrieval:During egg retrieval, imaging ultra-sound is used to get the position of ovarian follicles. The mature eggs are collected through a minor surgical procedure known as "follicular aspiration. The woman is given a mild sedative or anesthetic to prevent any discomforts during egg retrieval. An ultrasound vaginal probe with a hollow needle connected to a suction device is used to suck the eggs out. This process is repeated for each ovary. The retrieved eggs are placed in a dish containing nutrient fluid which is later kept in an incubator.
  3. Obtaining a sperm sample:The male partner is required to provide a fresh semen sample on the same day of egg retrieval. In the case of male infertility, the sperms are retrieved through testicular aspiration which is performed in conjunction with egg retrieval process. The type of sperm collection procedures depends on factors affecting male infertility.
  4. Culture and Fertilization: After the eggs and sperms are collected, the fertilization process begins. The male sperms and eggs are mixed in a Petri dish to encourage fertilization. During the fertilization period, the fertility specialist checks for signs of development and monitors the growth of embryos. Fertilized eggs are considered as embryos only after the confirmation by an embryologist. In male infertility cases, the healthiest sperm is directly injected into the egg. This is known as an Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).
  5. Embryo transfer: The fertilized eggs are cultured for two to six days. On the day of embryo transfer, two or three embryos are transferred into the uterus of the woman using a fine catheter. Sometimes the embryologist lets the embryos develop into a blastocyst to have higher chances of pregnancy. Only the high-quality embryos are transferred to decrease the risk of twins. To strengthen the uterine lining and increase the possibility of implantation, women are advised to take progesterone or HCG daily. Once the embryo sticks to the lining of the womb, healthy embryo growth begins. 

Duration of Test Tube Baby Procedure

The entire test tube procedure takes about four to six weeks to complete. A few weeks are needed to stimulate and mature the eggs. The retrieval of eggs takes about half a day. In male infertility cases, ICSI is also performed which involves selectively picking healthy sperms and injecting in the eggs, which can take additional time. After the eggs are injected with sperms, it takes about three to five days to fertilized and develop into an embryo. Embryo transfer is performed without much delay and the woman is allowed to go home the same day.

Right Time to Visit Test Tube Baby Centres in Cuttack

Here are several reasons why a couple should consult a test tube baby specialist:

Benefits of Test Tube Baby Procedure

There are several benefits of In vitro Fertilization that are mentioned as below:

Success Rate

Younger women have higher chances of IVF success. Test tube baby success rates also depend on the quality of eggs, causes of infertility and treatment procedures involved in the treatment. Below are the success rates depending on the age of a woman:

These statistics vary depending on the city where IVF is done and the expertise of the physician performing the test tube baby procedure.

Factors Affecting Success Rate in Test Tube Baby Treatment

Test Tube Baby Centres in CuttackHave the Best Chances to Achieve Pregnancy

Cost of Test Tube Baby Procedure in Cuttack

Cuttack is now gaining popularity for infertility treatments due to the availability of skilled and experienced doctors who are capable of providing the best form of treatment. The cost of IVF in India is also comparatively low than other countries which on average comes between {{currency}}{{min_rate}} and {{currency}}{{max_rate}}, which includes all surgical and diagnostic procedures, test and treatments. The cost of treatment rises with an increase in a number of tests and medications like hysteroscopy, laparoscopy includes in the procedure.

Common Problems Faces by Patients at Test Tube Baby Centres

Test Tube Baby Centres in Cuttack

Test tube baby centres in Cuttack have the vast reputation in yielding highest success rate in IVF treatments. Test tube baby centres in Cuttack have built up trust and reliability in the heart of the patients who are in pursuit of specialized IVF Doctor in Cuttack. As pregnancy and delivery is quite a sensitive issue, test tube baby centres in Cuttack take care of even the minor complications with great concern, to achieve a positive result.

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