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Trying to Conceive

Had frequent urination, lower abdomen pain, back pain, dizziness, Montgomery glands, nipple size increase and every text


J asked 30 weeks ago

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Had frequent urination, lower abdomen pain, back pain, dizziness, Montgomery glands, nipple size increase and every textbook symptoms of pregnancy but AF arrived today, I was so sure its pregnancy. Nobody including my husband understands why I am crying. Wish it was easy to hold on hope every mnth.

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Don't loose hope..m in the same boat with every passing month it's getting much more difficult...I hear news all my frns concieving ..and for me I feel pity..but let's thanks to Ela , we can speak our heart. We have frns who truly understand what we mean...we r always there for u Don't cry it's all destined baby is on it's way... 😘


Thank you so much snehal and devi, this is the only place I can turn to now. Hope all goes well with us..

Manasa manu

Dear your baby is just on the way, dont loss your hope, i also felt like you in the past month when my af arrived but god blessed me in that month itself, might be you got your af will turns to rainbow baby way! 🚼🎊keep trying and dont be stress🤗Lots of Baby dust to you soon!


Thank u so much Manasa, congratulations to u

Manasa manu

Thnqq dear

sexyTee-This is mine guy's when  1

This is mine guy's when do you think I should take a test


Dont loose hope dear.Last month i also had all the symptoms you mentioned in addition to several others.I was late for 5 days and there was no way anyone could convinced me that i wasn't preggo........only for AF to arrive on the evening of the 6th day. Hubby& i were very sad but we put our trust in God.Dont loose hope dear, we will smile soon


Thank u Mopsy, let's hope so


Thank you Mela amin, let's hope whatever is happening to all of us is happening for our own good and its all a part of grand scheme of life..


Don't lose hope sweety. We are all here for one another. Nice thing here we can speak our hearts..without fear of being judged. Married for 2 yrs now..been trying since.


Dont always lose hope my mum had her periods for the first 5 months of her pregnancy with me same with my mum in law it isnt as rare as people say i know quite a few others that have to hunni xx


Thank u Linni and G, I'm overwhelmed with the kind of positivity and hope you all ladies are giving me. Seriously only a woman going through this struggle can understand another woman's pain and hopelessness. Thank god for such a positive, vibrant and supporting community


Women should support and bring each other up no matter we all fight different battles as different women but by god i hope we all get our wishes so good luck to all the ladies on here i know the stuggle im from a travelling community and im only 17 so its kind of my job to be a mum and hopefully if god has anwsered my prayers very soon good luck and baby dust to u all xx

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