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Ash asked 2 weeks ago


Husband I are TTC. I have had 3 bfn and I still am having symptoms. We had sex on October 20, 22 and 23rd! On October 27 I had a lot of cramping and has continued off and on, and on the 28th my nipples became very tender. I have cravings and I'm tired, but other than that I feel good. I am due for my period either on November 6 or the 8th! Can someone help me figure out when to take another test???? I have a strong gut feeling I am pregnant and need to know. I made an appointment for the gyno on Monday in case they can help me!

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Sounds like it's to soon to get a positive test. I'd wait til about 14 days after you had sex.

Your doctor can probably do a blood test on Monday! GL!

Those were my fertile days too. Soon to get my period on the 6th. I had what looked like implantation spotting that has stopped. I also took a test today and got a negative result. Just my breasts are tender. I'm going to wait and take another test on Sunday.

I am due for AF on the 6th as well but I have been spotting since the 1st....3 BFN I just want to know if I am or not I feel like I have to be so careful until I know for sure that's why I keep taking tests

It is driving me crazy! I didn't have spotting, but I've had frequent bathroom trips and diarrhea and everything else listed above including gas and cramps! Good luck to you all!

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