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Haley Sellstrom asked 2 weeks ago

Haley Sellstrom

Please sombody help......Been trying for two years now and no luck. My last period was september 4th im over a month late..this has happened before (late period) but never this long....i took two at home pregnancy tests and both were sadly negative. Also took a urine test at the hospital which was alson negative but i havent had any cramps like i usually do before i start my period but my breasts have been sore and ive been off and on nauseated with no vomiting. Idk if its stress throwing off my period or what. But im praying im finally pregnant. Please comment what you all think i need to know.

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Haley, I am exactly going thru the same thing myself. I am 7 days over due my periods, took 2 pregnancy test came out negative, blood test came out negative and I don't kn0w what going on with my stomach is very bloted but no periods yet...i have been trying for 6 months as well...

Im bloated ive been nauseated my breasts have been sore ive had lots of symptoms and lots of mood swings and weird stuff has been happening but im scared its nothing just my body reacting to me wanting to be pregnant so bad. I hope im pregnant but i just dont know. But i wish you luck ill pray for you.

I am experiencing most of the same sympyoms....i'll be praying for you as well sister...Good Luck to you too...fingers crossed for you !!

sounds like irregular period if its not stress delaying it.

Do you have pcod or pcos?

I don't know

I am not aware of it..

Hey Haley, you can get a blood test done to detect your pregnancy.

Hi, do blood test or ultrasound you will get the real picture...

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