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Shanese04 asked 2 weeks ago

Shanese04-So when i checked my  1 Shanese04-So when i checked my  2

So when i checked my cervical fluid this clear stringy stuff coming out what is this.

ela ivf iui image

Your ovulating. 😊

Ok so it's suppose to be clear i thought it was supposed to be white.

Ovulation is egg white...basically means clear and stretchy.

Ok so we should have sex today and how long does this last.

Yes and I'm not exactly sure how long it last. But definitely have sex today!

Ok thanks


I had this pain lastnight on my lower right side and woke up to this. I guess it was me start to ovulate.

Do i suppose to be cramping to cause i am. This is a lil uncomfortable. Feel like period cramps.

Yes it's normal to cramp when you are ovulating.

Ok let me tell the hubby he needs to come home early lol.

ela ivf iui image