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Hidayah Hairi asked 2 weeks ago

Hidayah Hairi

Is sensitive nipples early sign of pregnancy? Fatigue? Vertigo? Nausea? I cant remember having it with my first. Im 8dpo..Not ttc but not using protection either. Just going with the flow because my first is only 15 month old. Will still be happy if i am pregnant. Edit : my daughter have been very sticky to me these days.. And only wants me.

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Which sign

Edited my post. 😊

yes, these can be signs of early pregnancy..however, it can be certain hormonal changes to... u told your daughter is 15 mnths old and if you're lactating you must not be ovulating and hence I guess pregnancy may not be there.

Im no longer breastfeeding my daughter 😊

It is still possible to ovulate while nursing. Those can all be pregnancy symptoms!

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