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Ofratko asked 2 weeks ago

Ofratko-Can you see the second  1

Can you see the second very pale line? I will retest tomorrow...

ela ivf iui image

I see it clearly:) congrats

I dont trust it:D not with pcos. I will wait b4 I open the virtual bottle...

understandable. do you get positives all the time with pcos?

Nope the first time. Im really scared I mean excited. Was taking Vitex for the last 45 days and it made me ovulate 2 weeks ago. Well I can only hope.

babie t (new acc)-i see it 🙄☄  1

i see it 🙄☄

then I'm sure that means you're pregnant: )

O god may it be true...

Congratulations :) I can see it.

What symptoms?? M having PCOS too.

Wait for some more weeks and check, then the second line will be clear...

To be honest I had sore breast since sunday and slight cramping since tue. Yesterday day 12 DPO I felt like getting my period but nothing happened. Oh and I had really bad heartburn on wed all night. (but I ate fast food) It still might tho. So I will just kick back and relax.

I see the line second line!!!

Hi ofratko, I can see a faint line but this seems to be just an indication, its not a confirmation. I would say test only when you have missed your scheduled periods for a week or so. Wish you good luck dear.

I see it 😊

Thank you all for reply. Very cautious. Hopeful but will have to have it 100 % confirmed to rejoice

I see it congrats xx

ela ivf iui image