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Rachel asked 3 weeks ago


So I have been trying to track my ovulation through TH tests and cervical checking. I have checked every day and keep getting negative TH tests and ELA says I ovulate tomorrow. I took Mirena out Sept 29 and we didn't get pregnant last month but I know I ovulated 4 days after my period ended. My cycle is usually 28 days but the last cycle was 25. Is it possible that I am back on 28 days and the first month was a weird one due to Mirena being taken out? If ela says I ovulate tomorrow the TH test would show positive. What are your recommendations to do for now?

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To also clarify.. I ovulated on the 11th day of my cycle last month and nov. 2nd would be my 11th day of my cycle this month and no hint of positive TH results so I won't be ovulating for at least the next day or 2!!

yes may be due to mirena your cycles were disturbed... if your test is showing negative.. i would say that you check your cervical mucus, if it is like a raw egg white and a bit stretchy, it your ovulation

It is dry when wiped and when checking on cervix it's white and creamy which is like not close to ovulation. I just tested again and it's still negative so that means my cycle will be longer that. 28 days ):

I just hope I actually ovulate!

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