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Ashley DiDonato asked 3 weeks ago

Ashley DiDonato

I had light pink slightly brown discharge after I wiped. Period is due November 5. I took a test and it was negative. Maybe implantation spotting?

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yes ashley, it can be implantation bleeding but i would ask you to wait for your due periods for a week and then take the test. Wish u all the best.

It does say to wait a few days to take a test. Thank you!

I have been spotting as well it just hasn't stopped yet today is day 3 it's brown/pink and discharge and took a test this morning was negative

I had the same thing off and on for two days with nasea and sore boobs and my period is not due till the 5th to!! It's going to be a long there says to wait to text and it's super hard to not get excited but I've read so many articles and that's exactly what it sounds like

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