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Trying to Conceive

Hello my name is Maiyen I am new to this I never really like study how to conceive a baby I just felt that it would happ


Maya asked 50 weeks ago

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Hello my name is Maiyen I am new to this I never really like study how to conceive a baby I just felt that it would happen like it did for the rest of the people that want a baby well it has not and I am 36 I have never been pregnant. A couple years back found out I had a tumor on my piturtory gland and it is only the size kg a tip of a ink pen but anyways it had stop my period so they brought that back with medicine and then after I got better and my piturtory gland was back to normal then they was like u can try and have a baby but it has not happen not one time. You know how they say all it takes is one time that is a lie cause none of the one times happen for me I feel so lonely and sad

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Hi... Don't be sad. Keep trying n have faith.


Don't be sad, Im 35 been trying 2 years. Hoping focusing on this calander etc will help. Hopefully this will be good for you too. Good Luck ;)


My husband has a tumor on his pituitary gland, and it's caused us a lot of grief when it comes to conceiving. It'll work out for the both of us. Just stay positive 😊


I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback I feel like I have people that understand me now and know how I feel and all I going to keep the faith and keep trying but to be honest with you I don't have much sex because I do not have a man and every man I do find either don't want kids cause they have kids already or either they just don't have a reason just don't want to have none then they use this excuse saying a baby is expensive but hey even taking care of yourself can be expensive too. But no matter what I still want a baby and all my friends and some family knows too.


Hey I just got on my period yesterday which was November 9, 2017 and my period last like maybe five days or six how do I put the correct information in to find out when would be a best time for me to start trying to conceive a baby can someone help me asap I do not know how to work this real talk


Hey Maya... Don't loose hope. Health issues are always challenging. And you have faced it so long v bravely. Keep trying and God will bless you surly with a baby soon. Keep Calm!


Yes I have but I'm saying that I just got on my period and like when would be my ovulation date and when would be a good time to try I need the day and date all that. I really want to know so I can try on that date but I don't know how to setup on here like when I first started this app I like guess and all I could not remember my last period date but now I got it so I need help on how to set this up so I have the correct information in front of me

Maya-Oh and my period blood  1

Oh and my period blood is like a light brownish spot I was just bleeding now it act like it want to be funny I don't know I send picture it ain't looking like I'm bleeding now what is going on is this normal I had had sex before but I doubt I am pregnant what do u think once again not trying to be nasty just showing how pad look now that I am suppose to be on period

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