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Danielle92 asked 2 weeks ago


Need some support here ladies. So I just got diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis and this the second time I've had it within 4 months. I'm having stomach pains which is what made me go get checked in first place. I've read awful things about bv turning into pelvic inflammatory disease and I know that can scar your tubes and cause infertility. We have only been trying for 2 months going onto the third. Doctor says it's not pelvic inflammatory as to i would be in way more pain and pelvic exam looked good. I was also tested for stds and all negstive. but I'm worried they could be wrong and I really want to be a mommy.

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Put your hands on your stomach and pray that God rebukes all bacteria out of your body and that he blesses you to conceive, in Jesus name amen! Stay positive and trust God, beleive that nothing is wrong with you 😘

Thank you. I'm really trying 😢😢

I haven't had my period in 7 months because I was told that I have PCOS and that it wont let me have any periods. I thought all my dreams would be gone but I started it 2 days ago and over whelmed with joy that the doc was wrong. Keep your head high and keep pushing on. Prove the doctors wrong! Fight fight fight


Bacterial vag is not that big of a deal. It could be caused by something as simple as the soap you are using. Don't freak out. Talk to your doctor.

I have had BV so many times i lost count. I had it just about once a month for 2 months. There is still hope you can still have a baby sometimes it just takes a little. We are trying doe our 3rd and we are going on month 3

Thank you ladies. I've just read horror stories of bv turning into pelvic inflammatory disease and it scares me. But your reassurance helps me a lot. I just don't know why I would have belly cramps with bv.


I've had this before it didn't affect me at all.i went on to have a healthy baby and now trying for my second x

Don't pay any mind to the horror stories hun.

I hope not. I just worry about the pains in my stomach. But i even went to er cuz I had lower right pain and my docs were worried about appendicitis but my scans were good.

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