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levi mainprize asked 2 weeks ago

levi mainprize

Hi, I am new to this app. I've recently started using it this month. I lost a baby at 22+1 weeks in September last year due to the baby having a severe defect making him not compatible with life, I have being trying ever since, minus a few months when I had to have laser treatment for hpv....i hope this devastating event hasn't traumatised my body making it difficult to conceive again. My doctor said it will happen soon but it's so devastating every month when my period period is due tomorrow, i hope this app will bring some joy.

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So sorry for your loss,don't stress yourself out.Keep talking with your Drs...are your cycles regular again? If so this app is awesome and pretty accurate ... if you are testing your ovulation I suggest getting the digital ones if you want a faster result.And be sure to have sex throughout your fertile window 💞

Thank you...yes my cycle Is very regular, I was using some ovulation tests from the supermarket, although not digital ones, but my Dr said not to rely on them as I haven't had a positive test once. I have tried to stay relaxed about it all and not stress because I know that doesn't help. I have had sex on the fertile days this month so hopefully something may happen.

But I will give the digital ones a try, thank you.

The digital test are more reliable as to what day you actually are ovulating.the test strips can give false hooe as they will stay positive even if it's just a surge.I start testing the day after my period goes off and and I don't stop testing till it is no longer far so good ..this is the first month we are trying again.My Dr had me on a low dose BC for 3 months to regulate my periods back after my miscairrage in May.Praying my test turn positive in 2 weeks!!

I'm definitely going to try them then from the end of my next period, if it comes...So sorry to hear about your miscarriage...i really hope you everything goes well for you x

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