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?praying asked 2 weeks ago


Af came😥😥😥 im so hurt😪 cant stop crying..swear i had every came 2 days early..shes never early either😥..i want this more than anything😪 why cant God bless me with just one child😥 i am so hurt yall

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😩😔 awww

I feel ur pain going trough a lot of stress right now just pray hun

Im so sad yall😥😥

1 day i cried for years and am still trying praying n crying i feel so empty evon the sound of a bby makes me cry seeing someone pregnant makes me cry

Me too😥 its so hard to be strong

Dnt cry ladies it ll only add stress.. I understand perfectly even yesterday I cried too.. But we have to continue to trust God. He ll bless us soon

Ty victoria❤

Keep your head up

I know the feeling we were trying for our second i took pregnancy tests and all two came back positive had all the symptoms the started bleeding come to find out at the hospital i had a false pregnancy since then ive been in a blah mood :/ all we can do is keep praying and trying

Thank u ladies❤

😒 My AF wasn't supposed to come until Sat, according to Ela. But according to my calendar it's was supposed to come tomorrow, But it showed up today, but it was brownish..😒 I've been doing IUIs since 2015, got pregnant, then miscarried😢. I took a break mentally and started again in October.. It's hard not to feel sad right now!!


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