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Ellie asked 2 weeks ago


Does ovulation usually happen the same day every month?

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Hi Ellie, usually it's not. Either it's 2 days early or late. However, you will feel your body ovulating. It's also clinically proven to check your vaginal mucus (egg-white like) then you are most fertile. For me, I have this pain on the right side or sometimes left, back pain and sometimes a little bleeding when i do ovulate. Good luck dear x

Thanks Karenmay, I've been using the OPK and haven't had a positive yet so I'm getting abit worried that I may have missed it. Xx

I see, well you definitely can track your ovulation :) I did BD when i have the mucus 3 days before my ovulation (since sperm can live upto 6 days inside) then i got +, unfortunately i had miscarriage after 5 weeks :(

Good luck dear Ellie, can't wait for your 2 lines :)) Take care x

Thanks dear. I'm so sorry for your loss. Be positive and keep trying. Good luck Xx

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