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Brianna Belcher asked 2 weeks ago

Brianna Belcher

Hey I'm new here but I was wondering if anyone else has had trouble getting pregnant after being on the depo shot. I have been off the depo now for about 3-3 1/2 years but I'm still having trouble conceiving. Any tips or ideas as to what I should maybe do.

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I guess it takes time to get pregnant after putting off depo shots..may be 6-7 months but urs is quite long..why don't u talk to some ela experts...i am sure they'll help u in a better way.

I was on depo shot for almost 5 years and docs told me it can take up to a year to become fertile again (at least of your ttc that's when they will help anyway) it all depends on your body. My friend came off it and was pregnant in 2 months. Talk to the ela experts they will be able to point u in the right direction. I'm on month 4 ans still no luck myself as I have not had a positive ovulation yet.

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