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Neha Bajpai asked 2 weeks ago

Neha Bajpai

I took I pill in September so can't it effect me to conceive this month

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Pills intake shud be stopped months before u start ttc! Nevertheless , stay positive! Keep doing ur deed! :)

It will take a lot longer for you I stopped mine months ago and I still haven't conceived x

Bt I don't take regularly it was once because was not ready that time

I took it once aswell x

Oh hmm then in that I feel least chances for my self

Good luck some people are different x

Hum but now I feel less chances though I was feeling some symptoms by may be it can be myth

By was ur period cycle was regular because in Oct month my periods cycle was normal

I stopped taking my pill 1st September and I'm now 5w2d pregnant. I'd been on the pill for 19 years before that. It happened a lot quicker than I expected x

That means it is possible

I was on the pill for 3 years and I have had regular periods so there is a chance that u can be ok just track ur ovulation and cycles. Best of luck but don't take anymore pills

Thank you

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