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Kayala4875 asked 2 weeks ago

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I took clomid 100mg cd 5-9. I had gotten a positive opk on 9/24 (cd12) and had an ultrasound the next day (doctor said he could see one follicle in right ovary). Today is either cd 20 or 21. Fertility friend says it’s 7dpo. I see a negative hpt but positive opk? Why could this happen? **I don’t seem to ovulate on myself. And sometimes I skip months for af. But lately I’ve had a 29 day cycle**

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if u r 7dpo it might be too early to test dear. wait until CD28/29 thats when i usualy get my flow when im on Clomid. if you miss it till CD35 you can be sure you are pregnant and will most probably get a positive test.🙂☄best wishes to u.

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