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Perera asked 2 weeks ago


Hi doctor gave me a profertile 50 mg if next af came drink it from 2 nd day upto 5 days .who have used this tablet .is ut good for get pregnant

ela ivf iui image sis used it and it helped her..but she took it in a tablet form however, the dose was similar. just follow the dose as your doctor says and see if it works.

He told take one tablet five days from second day of periods

it sounds alot like Clomid,it will help u ovulate dear, u can use opk tests starting day after u take ur last pill so that u can see ur LH surge before ovulation happens.

Actually dr did not check my eggs.he just wrote this tablet for me.if its not success he told come agin

if u take it CD 2 - CD 5 you will most probably ovulate anyday starting from CD 10 - CD 14. so make sure u start testing with ovulation test CD 6 day after u stop last pill and also have sex from CD 6 till later days just to make sure u dont miss a chance. but please test with ovulation test to be really sure. wish u e bestπŸ™„πŸ™‚β˜„

its ok if he didnt check ur eggs, also when my doctor gave me Clomid he didnt track ovulation because his not a Fertility expect. but just use ovulation test they will let u know if u did really ovulate with those pillsπŸ™‚

Babie are u pregnant now

Which country this doctor belong? If any one know any best gyny doctor in UAE just let me know.

Dr Shanthi in uae she is good

But which hospital and city?

Ajman thumbay hospital

Doctors gave u for healthy egg reserve

Swati actually he didnt do any test and just give this tablet.

ela ivf iui image