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I'm still heartbroken. Anyone ever experienced miscarriage?


MrsDun asked 46 weeks ago

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MrsDun-I'm still heartbroken.  1

I'm still heartbroken. Anyone ever experienced miscarriage?

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I have i was 5 months and my baby heart stopped. It's very painful thing to go through.


Yes... 3 times.... and still waiting on my rainbow babyπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Monicka Lindley

Yes and it's the hardest thing I have had to go through. It's a heart break that can't be fixed unless you have a successful one. Besides that it will worry you,stress you, leave you so empty and just breaks your heart all over daily. I experienced miscarriage February of this year been trying ever since but today I did get a positive test!!😊 so don't give up hope if the good Lord sees it fit for you he will bless you with it!! Good luck to you!


Yes back in feb this year. It's so heartbreaking but just keep remembing there is always a rainbow after a storm and soon you will have your rainbow baby! We have been trying since June and praying this will be our month since it's our first trying with ela πŸ€žπŸ’–

Miss MC

Last March had a miscarriage and back in last November had Ectopic pregnancy and had my left tube removed and still trying and haven't had any luck yet so far but I just keep the faith that it will happen soon


Mines miscarriage was in 2005 and i had another baby in 2007.


I have. Twice.


October 2016, March 2017


I did February of 2012. It's one of the most heartbreaking things I've been through. You're not alone πŸ’“


It's the most awful thing ever x


Thank you ladies. This community group help me realized how valuable women support system is, that I'm not alone that i don't need to seek isolation. I wish you everyone a baby dust and a really sticky one soon. I am as well feel sorry for everyone's loss. May God bless you with a wonderful rainbow baby soon xx


2 :( sad


Ive miscarried, yes it is painful, yes its heart wrenching, yes it brings you into depression, of course we all questioned what we did wrong. Sweetheart it wasn't you,miscarriges happen sometimes for no reason, there was something wrong with the embryo. Never think its you. Although I sat down for countless times wondering why it was happening to me, i came to the conculsion it wasnt meant to me. Personally I still look back and wonder what if , but you cant change what happened. Its great depression, lots of sorrow and pain. Put I promise you, you'll get a beautiful baby out of the long and hard road you've come down before. I have faith in all of you guys including myself. It made us stronger. It hurts emotionally and physically it also makes you stronger πŸ’•


@Traceyxo this is so comforting. Thank you so much for the wonderful words xx May God bless you x


I have had 4 miscarriages and am now currently pregnant with my rainbow baby!! But every time I go to an ultrasound or take a test my heart always hurts for my other babies in heaven!! But I think maybe God had different plans for them and needed them as angels that soon!! I'm so sorry for your loss and I really hope everything goes good from here on out for you!! Baby dust to you girl!!! :)


August 2011 April 2017

Brietta Cornelison Rowland

I had one last October and just found out I'm pregnant. Having my first ultrasound probably next week.


Yes I had one in 2014 I would of had a son I went threw it by myself but still think of him everyday




Ladies, I am very sorry about what you're going through right now. I do understand how it feels. Time will come, we will all gonna have our beautiful rainbow baby. Some says, maybe there's a reason why. Right now, don't let it run you down. Stay hopeful and feel loved. Take care and hope to hear from you all your successful stories :)




I had experienced a miscarriage on April 2017 πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ


June 27th 2017. First month back TCC.


To all ladies who had experienced this, continue to be positive and God ll bless you soon..



Mayen Nkoye

Yes, 2 times this year. Very devastating and hard to get over it.


I had my miscarriage on the 9th of Nov im so ready to have my 🌈 child. Wish god would let me have another 🚼

Peaches 7

We had 3 back to back in 2013,first one needing d&c at 12 weeks. I had given up by December but we ended up pregnant by January 2014,having conceived on Christmas eve unknowingly. It is heart breaking and I felt as though my body had betrayed me and a failure as a woman. Hugs to you during this time.


We are all in this together, with each others support we can get through it, stay strong ladies. If anyone needs a chat feel free to message me on Facebook: niamh Simone. Hold your head high ❀


Ive been there worst feeling in the world sorry you are going through this

Kailey Taylor

Yes I have! Last month actually.. :(


Yes😒 I hope on god

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