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Rannniii asked 4 weeks ago


And now for my tww! Who's with me?! :)

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Not until next week! 2 weeks feels like a month!! You should keep this post active with any symptoms with cycle day.

I'm technically 2dpo today and have slight cramping mostly on my right side. Trying to patiently wait!

Are you taking your temperature?

No, I've just been using ela and started using OPK this cycle because my cycle is irregular.

Supposedly you can track your temp to see if your pregnant or not during the wait... its a very slight temp change but its a early tell, but you have to take your temp everyday.

Yeah, I don't have a reliable thermometer. I might get into that after a few months if I haven't conceived yet. Have you been?

No, but I am considering it for this upcoming 2ww . :)

Im at the end of mine!

Any signs yet Ash?!

Yes and no. It's so confusing for me! I suffered a loss in July and haven't fully been able to figure my body out again because my pms symptoms drastically increased. Some things that are different for me this cycle though is cold like symptoms, headaches, lumpy breast, and creamy/ watery cm. Usually I am dry before af. My breasts/nipples are tender but that can also be a pms symptom for me. Hoping for the best!

I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Keep us updated! Baby dust!!

Thank you :)

Feels like FOREVER! Haha

I'm 6 dpo and I've had some spotting but I had a routine pap smear done Friday so it could be from that. I've been having light cramping off and on but nothing too out of the ordinary. Trying to stay positive without getting my hopes too high.

Now I'm 8 dpo and having period-like cramps and emotional (my normal pms symptoms)... :-/ feeling bummed

How do you know when your 2ww starts!? Do you start is 3 days after your positive opk or day after positive opk?

I was counting the day after my positive opk test.

Well looks like my 2ww has begun!! I think I am gonna test 10dpo :) I see your post your emotional. Hang in there :) story of our life! Lol

Good luck! I'm gonna test 10 dpo too just because lol

Just because is right! Haha. I feel real good about this month and that scares me because I want to keep this positive vibe I have going on but with pms and hormones its hard to emotionally. Just got to keep standing tall and happy!

Exactly!! It's so hard to stay calm!

Been feeling weird lately. Little bit of heartburn and sleepiness so I took a test yesterday but it was negative. Today I have side what you get when you run without stretching or warming up... I'm 9 dpo so I guess I'll wait a little longer and test again of no AF.

Yup wait 3 more days.. do you a early response? Im on 2dpo now wish i was on 10! Lol

I just have the cheap ones off amazon so probably not lol

I have cheapy ones and 1 early response to confirm IF i see a positive lol

I am 5dpo and it is driving me nuts. Period is due next thursday so hopefully fingers crossed it doesnt come. Good luck ladies

Me too well 10 days 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽, baby dust to all 😊😊😊

Meee! I am. Baby dust to us all!!

ela ivf iui image