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babie t (new acc) asked 3 weeks ago

babie t (new acc)

Revs & Krysha& Nicks & Swathi & Redhead & See & Mini, we are all cycle buddies ladies🙂👭Lets keep hope alive.

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Yes dear... finger cross.. n baby dust to all of us....

Baby dust to all of us and plz keep updating

Me toooo

Ad came this time but hopeful for the next

Yes..fingers crossed!

I hope all of us say the good news 😉

hie Krysha dear? how are u?? ur flow came already??

any updates ladies?? im on CD 26, 2days till AF due. not feeling any pregnancy signs just waiting to see if AF will come or not.

Waiting for gud news 😊

For all of us😍

when is ur flow due Mini?

yes I pray for miracles for us☄

According to me 28, and ela 27

Let's see

oky. we will see.🙏

Any symptom

What is cervical position???

no.. i was having slight cramps and backache a few days ago now nothing. thats why i said it can be a miracle☄

and u ? any signs?

Legs pain, mood swings

cervical position is low. but i dont check always at same time so its not accurate

How can I check cervical position

im just hoping my dear, i really dont know what will happen🙏

It is very tough time😐

they say u must wash hands clean, sit on toilet or stand with one leg on tub/toilet. then put ur middle finger in u as far as u can, u will feel the cervix, if u go deep in with whole finger and its hard to touch it it means its high, if u touch it easy it means its low. then if its high&soft like ur lips and u feel an opening its ur fertile time. if its low& firm or hard like ur nose and cant feel open hole, it means its not fertile. if pregnant they say it stays high and soft and closed.

Thanks dear

babie t (new acc)-see these photos  1 babie t (new acc)-see these photos  2 babie t (new acc)-see these photos  3

see these photos

I just have 1% hope this month...having breast pain and back ache

same here dear. aslong as we dont loose all hope🙏

Baby dust to all of us...

Swathi any news?

Hi af signs's due tmr...gonna pray the most...whole day I will keep's all in god's hands now!fingers crossed..won't take any test till I miss the period for atleast a week.

What about you babie ?

Same here Swathi Af tomorow. hope and pray it stays away🙏i wont test early too since i have irregular periods. bestest wishes to us both dear🎈🎀☄🍼


Plz help me😭 periods on 9th ended on 13 on 16 i had protected sex . But since that day im getting white discharge .its been 15 day😭 wt is this ? Infection r pregnancy?

@shrutimugul.. i think it is not pregnancy.. may be infection.. consult a doc..

im still waiting for my flow ladies😓nothing much jus a little backache and sore itchy nipples, that can be flow sign so will see. its CD30 now. clomid gives me 28/29 CD. but doc says wait till CD35 to test.. mayb will get a miracle☄

babie t (new acc)-I HAVE RECEIVED MY  1 babie t (new acc)-I HAVE RECEIVED MY  2 babie t (new acc)-I HAVE RECEIVED MY  3

🛐😄😀⚘🤗💞☄🍼😍⚢⚣🍼I HAVE RECEIVED MY MIRACLE TODAY LADIES, IM PREGNANT WITH MY 1ST☄💒🙏keep ur faith dears, God is working on u too

Congrats babie with lots of love... happy for u dear...

thank my dear Nicks🤗😁im very happy. im still praying for u too🛐☄have faith and enjoy your baby dancing its gonna happen for u☄

Congratulations babie🎉

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