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Deb Guerra asked 7 weeks ago

Deb Guerra

Berni(new account) Tas and Dagzy my app won't load anything ugh.. uninstalled and reinstalled still no good

ela ivf iui image

My app taking time too also aint loading frequently. Dno whats wrong!

Glad it not only mine though i used all my data

O no Harrison2 that aint good im connected to wifi but it's annoying Now just taking forever to load

How are you doing guys? Everybody seems to be lost?

Hi deb... missed you

Berni seems to have gone awol... how have you been?

Hellos where is everyone

Hey ladies!!! I'm good!! Sorry my schedule has been crazy busy the past month. How r u doing?

Tas I miss you too girl!!

Oh gosh nothing happening on my end of the world. How's the ttc going

ela ivf iui image