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Trying to Conceive

Hi everyone! Its my first day here and i could use some advice or information or help! Here is my story: this may be kin

Miranda Griffith

Miranda Griffith asked 53 weeks ago

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Hi everyone! Its my first day here and i could use some advice or information or help! Here is my story: this may be kinda long but im really hoping someone can help us. My husband and I have been together 8 years, married 1 year. Before we met my periods were always normal. A couple years into us being together i started having my period more than I didn't. Lasting 2 mnths sometimes then a week of not having it and getting it again. Or sometimes it will be like it should but that's rarely the case. So i saw my dr who sent me to another dr i got blood work and a biopsy and a vaginal ultra sound and everything came back normal and they gave me birth control and kinda tossed me to The side. I felt defeated and like they thought i was telling fibs.. The BC made me feel weird so i stopped taking it and shortly after we lost our health insurance. So I basically just dealt with this for 4 years.. Fast forward to about 6 months ago about three months after our wedding my husband and I decided we wanted to really start trying for a baby.. I just got my health insurance back so I went to the doctor and brought the issue up again, she sent me back to the same doctor specialist that I had seen before and they did blood work and a biopsy an ultrasound all over again. The blood came back normal, no thyroid, no hormone disease nothing. I got those results from my normal doctor. after seeing the specialist I went to get the ultrasound done and they have not called me back. The lady doing the ultrasound said that she got really good pictures whatever that means but the people at the specialist's office won't give me a call back, wont tell me my results won't anything. They're just throwing me to the side like they did the time before and it makes me feel just defeated. I have this problem and I've tried to address it twice now?... me and my husband are really wanting to have a baby and have been actively trying. But i feel like we will never get preggo until they can figure out what's wrong. I just don't know where to go from here I feel like the doctors don't care and I just don't know what to do... They also keep suggesting BC but i don't want it due to tryi g to get pregnant and in general hating how it made me feel. Tyia for any help or suggestions or even taking time to read this..

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Lyndee Robinson

Hello. I have went through the IVF process and we got a boy 3.6.15 and we have been ttc ever since I had him. And no luck. Sounds to me like you might have PCOS I would go to A OBGYN and TELL them you would like to try Clomid. It puts your body into ovulation. Good luck. I am not a doctor so I would definitely seek one.


I think you are ok Just don't be stressed You will be pregnant soon What is BC?

Miranda Griffith

Thanks guys! And bc is birth control.


Good luck dear 😍😘 Baby dust to you . Keep us updated


Well, it's simple. You need to seek out another gynac. Or reach out to someone here at ela. After marriage sometimes periods become irregular / regular (opposite of what they were like before marriage) cause of hormones (due to sex, etc). It's very normal. And if your reports are normal then maybe your husband can get himself checked too, if not already. Nothing to worry. Firstly you need to stop stressing out. Also try it for a month or two the natural way (having Intercourse every day) and see if it works out. Everything will be okay. Best wishes to you both.

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