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This is my story I found out last February that I was pregnant 🀰 at 16 weeks found out I was having a boy πŸ’™ at 28 weeks


Chloe93 asked 36 weeks ago

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Chloe93-This is my story I found  1

This is my story I found out last February that I was pregnant 🀰 at 16 weeks found out I was having a boy πŸ’™ at 28 weeks woke up this stomach pain and went to hospital I gave birth to my son he was stillborn it broke our hearts.πŸ’” I knew I needed time to heal soon me and my partner started trying again and tonight I got my BFP we are so happy and soo blessed. Baby dust to everyone trying for a baby πŸ‘ΆπŸ». X.

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Thank you for sharing


I lost my daughter last February due to pregnacy complications Hellp......she was 34weeks and 5days old . Trying again this time I'm taking a different approach diet,meds and rest


So sorry to hear. What the doc says caused It? 😒


Docs think group strep B cozed my stillbirth.


My pre-eclampsia got worse I went into Hellp syndrome blood pressure was extremely high low platelets so a c sec was out of the question. Excessive protein in my urine plus there was a trace of bilirubin which indicated that my liver was not functioning properly the weight gain was more than 50lbs.


I struggle with her lost almost every day it's hard loosing a in the Caribbean....well where I'm from the baby dies and no counselling is being offered you're just sent home to deal with it by yourself. Lol the funny thing about it I'm a nurse and the treatment was terrible.

Sweet Archibald

I'm so sorry @ del


Chloe, fingers crossed for you this time. Del, your pain is unimaginable. Forced to normally deliver a still baby, is something no mother should ever go through.


Thanks guys much appreciated

Dog Mommy

I am so sorry for your loss. But congratulations!!! πŸ’œ

Jennifer Hickey

What is a BFP?

Jennifer Hickey

Also I'm sorry for your loss and congratulations?!

Ashley Mead

@del when my son was stillborn exactly 11 years ago tomorrow ? was 38 weeks had everything set up our bags packed then ? hadnt felt movement so ? called my Dr! He wasn't there in time when it was time to push after being induced so the female dr in his office came she was awful to me she didn't use stirups and had her arm up to ver elbow inside trying to pull him out! My dr arrived while her arm was inside and k was screaming and kicking her! He pushed her away and carefully delivered my son he said ? could stay 2 days cause ? was heart broken leaving without him and the nurse at hospital said ? needed to go home after one saying ? needed to wake up and face the music it was horrible


BFP = big fat positive on a pregnancy test. I'm in the UK when I lost my son I spend 2 days in hospital with him then I got to go up and see him in hospital in a private room for 4 days before the funeral directors came to take him was worse once I couldnt go visit him and me and my partner had spoken about trying again didn't think it would happen but once I seen that other line I wasn't happy I'm soo scared I'm going to lose this baby too I trying to stay positive best I can.


Ashley mead I deeply empathize with you tragic event and to you Chloe93 I'm wishing all the best


Ur story made me cry with sadness and happiness for u now . I wish u the best and a healthy wonderful pregnancy . We never get over these things . We just learn to kinda move on . But this is a wonderful thing that is happening to u . So try not to worry and enjoy every moment of it πŸ’‹

Jennifer Hickey

I'm so sorry for your loss. I had a similar situation and am trying to get pregnant again. I will keep you in my prayers. Please do stay positive and thank you for sharing your experience.


Congrats, and all off the best to you, will be praying for u xx

J. Thomas



Congrats Dr.... don't worry. God bless all of us with baby dust


Me and my fiance had a stillborn at 6 months Oct. 21st . We are trying again for a second one as well. How long did it take you to conceive again?


Hi kaykay sorry about your loss my due date was the 14th of October had a scan today I'm 7 1/2 weeks so was 4 months trying again before my positive. Best of luck to you. X

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