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Adrianna Cornelio asked 3 weeks ago

Adrianna Cornelio

How many week were you when you found out the gender? I’m only 6 weeks but my husband and I are POSITIVE it’s a boy! We both said before we got pregnant we want a girl first but of course will be happy either way!

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25 weeks

I was around 19 weeks with both mine

❤️❤️ I read it’s between 16-20 weeks

I was 16 weeks! My friend did both her at 10 weeks thru the blood work or something and both times it was correct

Omg!! I would love to find out that soon!!

You'll find out during your anatomy scan at 16 weeks. We chose to keep the gender a surprise 😊

15 weeks =)

I’m loving all these early dates!! When we find out the gender my husband is going to step out and I’m going to find out and I’m going to fill a black balloon with pink glitter or blue and the family will come over and I’ll pop it over my husbands head

I was 20 weeks!


11 weeks.. The Harmony genetic test

I was 20 weeks along

22. The little rascal wouldn't hold still for WEEKS!!!

Wish v could but in india its illegal​

Lol mandie! That is too funny

Dr told me at 16 weeks they were about 70% sure it was a boy and got confirmed on 20. Good luck

Yess it's illegal in india...let seee

I was 20 wks and I knew it was a girl, but he wanted a boy but it ended up being a girl 😊😊😊

Omg! I guess it’s mothers intuition! I know I’m having a boy!! Lol 😂

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