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Jewell asked 3 weeks ago

Jewell-7 weeks 1 day and had an  1

7 weeks 1 day and had an ultrasound. Baby is 132. Normal right?? Dr said 110 is the normal starting range. 😄 what was everyone else baby heart beat around this time?

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Mine was 155 at my first appt

My little one had 140....

178 on My 8 week scan..



Thank you everyone:)

I did ultrasound on 6 week and my baby is 123 heartbeat.

Hi I'm 7 week and 1 day as well 😮🤗🤗


I'm 8 weeks & 3 days now. On Tuesday I will be 9 weeks:)

Myths are boys beats slower then girls...rang true for me!

129 on 6 weeks 6 day..

Your the same as me I'm 7 weeks and a day 😁. I get my first appointment with the midwife next week. How are you hun?

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