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Adrianna Cornelio asked 2 weeks ago

Adrianna Cornelio
Adrianna Cornelio-I am starting to form a  1 Adrianna Cornelio-I am starting to form a  2

I am starting to form a little bump!! ❤️❤️🤰

ela ivf iui image

Really cute

Thank you!!

Aww yay amazing xx

Thank you!!

So cute.

Thank you girl!

What was your symptoms c


@Adrianna how many days after period delay did you do a test

Wow congratulations, mine didn't show that soon. ..

Meghan, I had back pain, strong smell, and horrible sore boobs. Adoh, I tested 4 days before my period was suppose to start and got 8 positives tests

I've had false postives before and I've got all those symptoms I'm too scared to test my period is in three days x

I had a false positive the month before I got pregnant for sure. I know how it feels. Do whatever feels right to you. If you want to test now then test if you want to wait then wait

Thank you xx

Waxing (hands and legs)is safe during pregnancy ????


I believe so. I wouldn’t see why not

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